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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The AES System - "Let's Turn The Tables."

Don’t fight the AES system just screw it up, and screw it up by adhering to the law, even at 110 KPH you’d jam the major highways of the country so don’t fight it just screw it up and turn the tables, on them.


If what this blog is saying can be followed, I can guarantee all Malaysians that this AES scheme will get screwed up,  and all the money the corrupt people behind this scheme hope to get will turn into nothing nothing more than a terrible nightmare.


Let's give them this nightmare!!!!!!!

Here's how it is done.

How often have you tried to be a law abiding citizen and set your car to auto cruise at 110 KPH or at 90KPH or even at 80KPH as the speed limits of the various highways indicate, only to get an idiot come behind you and flash his headlights for what he perceives is hogging and forces you off the fast lane.

If you travel at the maximum speed allowed on the fast lane you do not have to give way to anybody behind you even if it is the Prime Minister of Malaysia,  or the Chief of Police and you should not do it,  because you are doing the maximum allowed on the roads even in an emergency, and by giving way you are encouraging the driver behind you who wants to overtake to break the law,  so stick to the max and keep on the lane, you are traveling at the maximum speed allowed on that road, anything faster will cost you a precious RM300/ of which half or fifty percent will go to the crony who is now being commissioned to operate the system to catch you.

Just imagine,  this government's attitude is to make laws to make money out of you to feed their cronies who most often happen to be their own family members.

Now with the introduction of the AES if you are on the KESAS for instance, (the highway with the highest toll rates in the country) your Maximum Speed limit is  90 KPH.

Assuming you are coming from Klang move to the far right, if you have one of today’s modern cars for  which this speed limits set are really so impractical,  drive it at a very slow about 88KPH and turn on the auto cruise, which is the best you should do  ( do not do 90 KPH given that  the Automated Systems  will have a margin of error) and continue at that speed regardless of any vehicle behind you. If you do 90KPH there is chance that you'd get caught for speeding as there are margins of error in the system, in your car etc. if they catch you for hogging tell them you are traveling at 90 KPH and that is the fastest allowed.

At 90 KPH on the Kesas? Even 110 on the North south is too slow.
Do the same in all the other highways, I tried it on the KESAS and the Federal Highway and guess what?

I stayed on the fast lane in the KESAS at 90 KPH and the Federal Highway at 80KPH at different times of course, I had a huge train behind me. and drivers staring at me when they overtook me on the left lane, 
they would not have done that if they knew what I was up to,  in the Federal Highway especially,  because by the time I reached the Subang toll approaching from Klang at 11.00 a.m there were at least about fifty cars queuing in each of the TAG lanes alone, there were many many more arriving into the other lanes,  I paid using my tag drove across parked my car on the far left, and smiled and watched the huge  traffic jam I just created.

Do you see the impact?

Remember  I was  not hogging the road,  I was only  going as fast as I am allowed to  legally, if I decided to do it from Port Klang I really wonder how big a jam I would  have created just to make sure I was not going to be victim of the AES and pay one of Najib's cronies maybe even his wife the fifty percent. I am told that Rosmah wants her finger in any business that is sure to win, and this may be one.

Screwing  up the AES,  Najib and all.

Pardon me for using the KESAS as the example, as it is my  most frequented highway, it is a three lane highway and by the time I reach Bukit Jalil from Klang I pay a whopping RM6.60 and on my return it is the same, and so I pay as much as RM13.20 now that is more than what some people earn in a day, and that too I have to pay a hefty price for my fuel, because this government has given our subsidies to Mahathir's children and their cronies in the form of Petronas shares, so we do not enjoy the benefits derived out of our own resources, it is reserved for the higher ups in UMNO.

Now as usual I am digressing so let's return to the plan.

If you get into the Kesas at Port Klang interchange, remember when approaching you are supposed to be traveling at only 70 KPH that is the town limit, for the morning office hours crowds it is a a reasonable speed but I doubt you should be doing that, the roads are bad so take it slow, no hurry, because when this campaign begins even your bosses will be late for work no one can help it and even your bosses do not want to pay these kind of  fines and are not foolish enough to fall for system to enrich people for free.

If you do what I suggest in the paragraph above you will bring a train with you into the KESAS, now move to your right and start your journey at a maximum speed of about 88 KPH that is just below the 90KPH reading on your meter and if you are doing that do it on  the right lane,  which is the right lane as it is called the speeding lane or the overtaking lane,and you can't overtake at a speed above 90 KPH

Now when you reach the  Klang/Banting intersection  there will be a huge influx of traffic joining you, keep your speed and keep your lane because you may need to slow down to allow traffic in, allow them in and continue to do what you have been doing. Those coming from Klang have to take the same approach, keep to  right if you are doing the maximum speed at  88KPH,  slower cars in the middle and end lanes.

Then the next groups to join the huge train we will be creating will be  drivers from the Bandar Botanic and Bandar Puteri  intersections, all have to follow suit if you want to go fast which many of you do,  follow the max 88KPH rule, there as as many as 6 cameras on one side of that highway alone and if you are caught by one in one day you'll end up paying RM1800, I am sure you are not in such a generous mode unless of course you are a director of the AES Company where you can even get your summons quashed, or even if you can't what is to you, you will only use our money to pay your summons. 

We  have to develop that habit in the KESAS the 90 KPH maximum speed on the right lane which is the right lane for speeding, and the maximum speed is 90 KPH or you break the law, and if you do that this stupid government and its cronies are going to kiss arse.

Now by the time the traffic has reached the Jalan Kebun interchange  we would have built a considerable train of vehicles following us,  continue doing what you are doing speeding at 88KPH you are not supposed to go faster than 88 KPH, we would have by now created a massive jam at the Bukit Kemuning toll gate, if you see that jam you have reason to be happy for once, just imagine being happy to see a jam, I bet you you will be happy, I experienced it and I know  and you'll know you  created  a massive traffic Jam, and I really can't describe how happy it will be.

Create a Grid Lock Day in Day out

  The cameras  from Port Klang to the Bukit Kemunig intersection will record a  (what a good friend of  the family once referred  Aunt Johnson)  dapat kosong for the owners of the AES.

Now by the time you reach USJ or the Kewajipan interchange you would  have helped triple the massive jams  coming from both sides that is if the other side adopts the same approach, the police will take leave and go into hiding, because what you’ll do is effectively create a grid lock but believe me it is not you who are doing this,   you are being a most responsible person by obeying the law,  it is the system and the antiquated piece of legislation  that is doing it, you are legally right it is happening because they want to enforce the laws and because we want to follow the same the only difference is we do not want to be fooled into enriching them.

The approach continues on all highways on all intersections, for those of you who do not know, a grid lock is when traffic comes to a standstill.

The people approaching the highways from the townships of Klang,  Shah Alam, and Subang Jaya , Petaling Jaya,  Puchong, Cheras, Kajang etc. will have to be mindful on the fast lane, if on the fast lane be only at the maximum speed allowed so you can't be charged for hogging, in the townships you will follow the limits, in some places it is 60KPH but it is mostly 70KPH for town limits although there are areas where it is as low and 30KPHfollow them religiously do not break the law be very law abiding if the roads are bad go slower it is alright.

This will bring huge numbers of traffic in town to crawl, do not try and do not attempt illegal maneuvers , just follow the law and we’ll create a grid lock like this police force and the Government in particular have never seen. It will expose the inadequacy of their traffic schemes that they keep bragging about.

Do not obey the policeman if he tells you to speed, you are going to be caught by another system and you do not want that, because the Police will wash their hands off once the ticket for RM300 arrives on your doorstep.

The same must be followed in the LDPE, the Silk, all the highways that have heavy trafficc for it is here that the system will be put in place the Penang Bridge is a one other gold mine for this AES System so do the same there. The Penang bridge will be chaotic at the least.

Now can you see how this government works, it creates laws not to protect you but rather to screw you up, it knows or it perceives you to be stupid, so every time it wants to collect money from you in one form or another it creates the situation, the money collected from you does not go to the government to come back to you in some form of a benefit, it only goes to feed themselves and their cronies, to buy palatial homes overseas, to keep the money stashed in overseas banks so that when they have bled us dry they can abscond to their new homes in Europe, America and Australia. These people are not interested you in me, not interested in the Bumiputra, all the slogans they use are only for their own personal benefit."Nambekei" my foot nambekei especially Najib of all people.

Your BN Government and How it plays its role.

Well if Bukit Aman comes to me for publishing this article it will only be because they’ll  not be able to collect money and that is true, they will do it at the instigation of the Government and the Attorney General will draft the charges against me. Will they be able to? Of course tell me where they have failed, they always succeed in making the illegitimate look so legitimate.

This brings me back to the crux of the whole issue, this government is not keen in teaching people to follow the laws, they are not keen to show people the relevance of the laws,  they are so lawless themselves they are crooks and so we have with them the law of the jungle. 

They make new  laws, put them  in place, then use the enforcement people to go after  every Anwar, Kit Siang and Karpal for supposedly breaking it, but when they break these laws it is alright, and the protection they  have is the attorney general, he can choose to prosecute or not, and believe me our present attorney general will never on his own initiative either initiate a prosecution nor investigation  against the big guns in government, he actually finds that impossible in a system that is already compromised.

This government is not interested to ensure road safety, they never were, a look at our road signs will tell you that they love to confuse you no end, so that you pay maximum toll, now they have resorted to this traffic fines for speeding to increase their ill gotten gains from self enriching revenue schemes such as this.

On the North South a speed limit of 110 is a dangerous speed, because with  today's modern cars this speed is really slow, the monotony of the drive is bound to make a driver sleepy, they know it and yet they will not increase that limit, however it is okay for them with outriders to travel at between 130KPH and 160 KPH when they use these highways. Is that not dangerous for the outriders, the drivers of the vehicles and the rest?

I'd think up to 130 KPH for a 2000 cc vehicle is safe, but in the excesses of that even the Prime Minister's  car is not safe,   because of his body weight alone  and even in the case of   the combined weight of him and Rosmah would drastically affect the stability of the car. The highway is no racing track.

Their actions show that they intend to capitalize from this law  rather than use  it effectively for the benefit of the people, the companies entrusted to carry out this exercise  are  forecasting billions in revenue and pre-tax profits, escalating over the years, have you ever heard of such a thing in law enforcement - profiteering. 

How vulgar can it get?                                                   
                                                                                                            Can these two be safe in a speeding car?
They are making fools of us, bad enough after the next elections if they win, we are going to pay tax for buying underwear and everything else, we’ll pay income tax, we pay road tax, now they are running out of avenues to steal from us  and they have decided on the AES,  it is a big one.
Mahathir  has publicly admitted that he has enriched his sons, and has asked why only when it was him we make noise. Is that how a "leader" rationalises?

Leaving all that aside remember to keep to the fast lane at the maximum speed, if you do 110KPH coming in from Seramban daily for work in KL and stick to the fast lane remember you are not wrong that is the fastest you can go and you are not to encourage others from breaking the law by giving way for them to go faster, you can  clog the Seramban KL highway, if you follow the limits going into Melaka it will be a huge surprise, but the Klang valley will suffice it is here they’d hope to make their billions from.
Four toll highways, the NKVE at 110KPH you’ll do 108Kph and lock your auto cruise, the Federal Highway at 80KPH so you’ll do 78 KPH and KESAS at 90 KPH so you’ll do 88KPH and I can assure you we’d bring this system to a grinding halt or get realistic speed limits and send this AES system to the grave, let us bury it together with the BN.
The surest way to make a fast buck was to put up speed highways and place slow maximum limits on those highways, that is something we all knew, now they have found a way to enhance this at the expense of the rakyat too. 
What is actually happening is that Malaysians are being made to pay for their own  indifference, yes, it is our indifference that we are paying for and it is time to put a stop to it now.
We can’t be that way anymore, we have to fight it, we have to fight fire with fire so wake up.
I am not asking you to break the law in anyway, I am encouraging you to adhere to the law, adhere to laws put in place to screw you up and then in the process screw them up.

This can be done and it must be done, I urge the opposition parties to champion this cause, I know some good UMNO people who will give me their fullest blessings but because they are so UMNO they can't  come out  in the open.

I was there today at the UMNO GE, not in the hall though, I heard the talk about "Ketuanan Melayu" that was all the big boys were talking to members about, I was  in the corridors to listen to the whispers when my good friend ZH quietly told me that I had been spotted, someone had recognized me and the word was spreading to get me out, I slipped out quietly.

I'll be connecting with ZH soon, from what I managed to learn  the Najib camp and the Muhyidin camp were still suspicious of each other, everyone thinkgs Hishamuddin is a fool,  I wonder how he made it up there though, but I did not find out more I have ZH and many others to keep me posted for my later writings.

I will not be surprised if  he calls for elections now, it looks very much like it, and then you'll see how true what I said about the Muhyidin pressure on him is all about.

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