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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Anwar and his minions

PKR is mirroring Umno in deceiving the public.
Anwar IbrahimPKR held its nominations for its party polls yesterday. The cards had pretty much been laid out, at least for the top most position, until the Court of Appeals decision on Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case.
Though the five-year sentence was stayed, it derailed Anwar’s plans to stand in the Kajang by-election and eventually displace Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor Menteri Besar.
Anwar’s modus operandi prior to the sentencing to take over PKR’s leadership in Selangor was cunning. Not appeased by the current style of Khalid, he decided to be PKR’s next head honcho to ensure that only his ways are implemented not only in the party but also within the state.
He knew that by remaining a mere ‘de facto’ leader, he will eventually be surpassed by others and left alone.
Therefore he crafted his next move quickly and named his wife for the Kajang by-election, sidelining all other potentials, as though only his family members have the grey matter to run politics in the country.
With some of his ‘cult’ followers, he managed to keep at bay any revolt from within the party.
His message to all others in the party is simple and that is if he or his spouse and daughter are not helming the party or the state, then no one is more capable.
For him the Indian and Chinese leaders in PKR are all morons and just do not have what it takes to be there.
Anwar exhibited his true ‘Umno nepotistic’ trait in the Kajang by-election. And now, he is ready to pull another maneuver to keep a strong hold on the party.
Although he is challenging his wife for the president’s post, he is nevertheless expected to withdraw. His main reason for filing his nomination – which he did earlier in the day – was to stop others from going for the post. And then, later in the day, came Wan Azizah’s nomination.
He wants his wife to remain as party president. The reasoning is obvious. If he contests and wins, and then goes to prison for the next five years under the assumption that the Federal Court upholds the Court of Appeals decision, Khalid or Azmin Ali (depending on who wins to become the deputy president) will then assume the acting president’s position and run the show. That will displace his hold on the party.
Wan Azizah has and will always be the obedient wife of Anwar and she should be too, just like Rosmah Mansor who stands by Najib Tun Razak no matter what.
It is obvious that Wan Azizah has gradually turned into Anwar’s sacrificial pawn.
Time for non-Malays to leave
Anwar has also shown that PKR was never and will never be a multi-racial party in terms of equality.
He recycles the same old noisemakers very much using the Umno formula. He had literally hijacked the Indian community at the very first opportunity during the Hindraf rally prior to the 2008 general election. As a forgone community, thanks to MIC’s doing, the Indians were vulnerable and saw Anwar as a messiah.
He rode on their stupidity and galvanised their demands in his favour.
The Indians are just being led aimlessly by Anwar who knows that a community that has been fooled for more than half a century can always be fooled many more times over. And that is exactly what he is doing.
If Anwar is truly a leader for all races, then why not have at least 50% of all key positions allocated to them in the party?
There are many capable individuals to take on the challenge. Or else it is time for the non-Malays to leave PKR and remain neutral or join Barisan Nasional. At least BN is honest in being dishonest.
Anwar has only one dream which is turning into a nightmare and that is to be the prime minister. It was so obvious when he even said that he is the most qualified politician to answer questions concerning MH370.
Guess his 1990s Marconi radars were also unceremoniously retired upon his ejection from Putrajaya by Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
As for the Chinese, they will flap their wings wherever the money potential can come in from.
Economically they are secured and have surfed the Umno tide ever since independence and made their fortunes.
The next agenda on their plate is to harness more political might in the country and eventually make other races their obedient servants. Penang is the start point.
But where are the Indians heading in the PKR equation after so many years? They are still regarded as lost debris of Malaysia, hoping against hope that they will be fished out from the rough seas.
It is time the Indians in PKR just leave the party or demand equal rights on all aspects.
Why can’t an Indian be the next PKR’s president or even deputy? After all Anwar says PKR is for all races and is colour blind, thus all issues must be fought on merit.
So, Anwar, please give your wife’s seat to an Indian or a Dayak or a naturalised Sulu descendent from Sabah!

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