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Thursday, March 27, 2014

'Shut up' for sake of China ties, MCA tells Bung

MCA has told BN MP Bung Moktar Radin to either shut up or risk throwing 40 years of diplomatic ties between China and Malaysia down the drain.

The Chinese-component party used Bung as an example of how an MP should not misbehave during the MH370 crisis, alleging that the Kinabatangan MP resorted to "cheap retorts or else tread on racial sensitivities."

MCA joined the party's vice-president Chew Mei Fun who yesterday slammed Bung for saying in Parliament that the lack of control of information on the Internet may draw China’s anger.

She argued that his stance had portrayed the Chinese citizens and the Chinese diaspora, including those in Malaysia, as "uncontrollable" and "immature", and considered that as a racist remark.

"For a change, Bung should empathise with the pain, agony and void felt by the families of the victims, MCA's religious harmony bureau chairperson Ti Lian Ker (left) said in a press statement.

“He should just 'shut up' in Parliament if he has no positive ideas or contributions and stop clowning around.

“Regardless of Bung's seniority, his foot-in-the-mouth statement must be publicly admonished or it may also cause long and indefinite political damage to the nation and in particular to BN.            

"We do not need politicians and elected MPs to shoot their mouth without being mindful of the feelings of the family of victims or the possibility of attracting negative publicity for the country and nation," Ti added, extending the warning to all MPs.

Bung, 54, has been an MP since 1999 and has made many controversial statements in Parliament in the past.          

As search and rescue operations for MH370 enter its 20th day, all Malaysian authorities can say for sure is that the Boeing 777 ended its flight in the Indian Ocean.

Of the 239 passengers onboard the Malaysian Airlines Beijing-bound flight which went missing less than an hour after take-off on March 8, 153 were Chinese nationals.  

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