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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Najib & BN government must accept responsibility & RESIGN for MH370 tragedy

Najib & BN government must accept responsibility & RESIGN for MH370 tragedy
It was an atrocious announcement by Malaysian prime minister, Najib Tun Razak, that flight MH 370 ended in the sea off the coast of Australia. Is that closure? Does he except people from all over the world to accept a simplistic explanation over one of aviation's deepest mysteries.
Malaysian authorities bungled and blustered their way through this saga from the beginning. From the heavily-corrupt Immigration Department's lax security to the failure of the Malaysian Armed Forces to probe a commercial plane (MH 370) that was tracked on military radar and failing to disclose early on that highly inflammable cargo was on board the passenger flight was really a comedy of errors that left no one laughing.
If Malaysia was the laughing stock of the world over the ban on the use of "Allah," now they are being viewed with grave concern by the international community as a rogue nation that fails to abide by the tenets and obligations of democracy.
If more Malay's supported Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the Kajang by-election it is really the result of the MH 370 fiasco that prompted them to do so. All along Malay's have been hoodwinked and brainwashed and exploited to keep an elite Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership and their cronies and sycophants in power.
Now more and more Malay's are wanting fair play, meritocracy and justice and are not buying the bull of BN that Anwar Ibrahim is the traitor of the Malay community. In reality it is Mahathir, Najib and gang that have exploited and milked the Malay community dry by making use of their voter support.
This is why the MH 370 missing plane, passengers and crew is the tip of the iceberg of more evil that is to come if BN remains in power. This is why it is best and high time for Najib and BN to resign en mass and for fresh general elections to be held under a free and fair poll.
The world is waiting and watching
MH 370 has been sending shivers down the spine of more and more people around the world as to what really happened to the plane, passengers and crew. The world is waiting and watching the every move and gesture of the Malaysian government and it has been easily evident so far that they are hiding and covering-up for irregularities.
MH 370 has explicitly revealed to the world the many shortcomings and deficiencies of the Malaysian authorities that is a big worry and concern now not only for Malaysians but the international community-at-large.
This is because air travel is a major feature of globalization and there is no way the world is going to let Malaysia get away by setting up their own way of doing things as Malaysian leaders are used to doing things according to their own whims and fancies.
The Malaysian government is therefore answerable and accountable and must take and bear full responsibility for the missing MH 370 plane, passengers and crew.
Aside from merely briefing the media and families, the BN government must come clean to clear the air over allegations and much speculation that they are hiding misdeeds that have going awry for a long time in the business of air travel.
While it is a known fact to Malaysians that BN have been guilty of a wide range of misdeeds by its leaders over the last few decades, this is unknown largely to the world and it is time for the world media to focus on the intricate workings of the Malaysian government.
The world media and foreign governments at this time should look into who actually murdered Mongolian translator Altantunya Sharibuu as her father alleges that the prime minister had a hand in it.
The media of the world and foreign governments should also look into the conviction of sodomy on opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim as the charges appear to be trumped up to deter him from taking over the office of the prime minister of Malaysia.
They should also probe into the much-maligned use of affirmative action which uses the bumiputra (indigenous people) community as a front but to actually establish and reinforce the elite in this country. The New Economic Policy (NEP), the New Economic Model and the present Bumiputra Economic Empowerment Agenda are really practising and promoting apartheid.
In the light of the MH 370 missing plane, passengers and crew, the world must hold an open and transparent inquiry into how the BN government has been exclusively governing this nation since 1957.
MH 370 opens the Malaysian Pandora's box
MH 370 was really an accident waiting to happen for Malaysia. The dismal announcement of Najib over its fate is not going to be allowed to rest there as many people are clamouring to get to the bottom of the matter and to see if there is even criminal negligence on the part of the Malaysian authorities.
Only an international panel of experts made up of Interpol, the Federal Bureau of Investigations of the United States, top aviation experts and others should be allowed to examine and investigate the mystery of MH 370 as it is unlikely that a Malaysian Royal Commission of Inquiry would arrive at the truth.
There are already clear indications that heads will roll. It will be strange and bizarre if this case of the missing MH 370 would come to an abrupt close by a mere announcement that the plane, passengers and crew ended up in the deep blue sea.
Already, the various investigative teams of foreign media have gone to the ground to conduct their own probe on MH 370 and also the governance of BN over Malaysia from the time the Mahathir regime was established.
It is from that point of time and further back to May 13, 1969, the ouster of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the rise of the ultra Malay chauvinist, Tun Abdul Razak and the implementation of the NEP, with which the foreign media need to delve into to see how Malaysia has veered so badly off track from being a parliamentary democracy.
Ever since then democracy and civil liberties in this country have been severely compromised and the minority races and the adherents of minority religions have been stifled and oppressed by the tyrannical BN regimes over the years, since Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first prime minster and founding father of independence from the British for this nation, was removed from office.
Malaysia at the crossroads
Malaysia has been at a standstill, at the crossroads, ever since the political tsunami of 2008 or 12th GE. But changes have been overtly and covertly taking place in the political landscape of this country ever since then with firebrand opposition leader of PR, Anwar Ibrahim, steering the opposition to take over governance of Malaysia from the administrative capital of Putrajaya.
The fiasco of MH 370 is just another impetus towards steering Malaysia not to stand still at the cross roads but to make the change of a switch of government for the first time in the history of the country.
But the big question is whether the bulk of Malay's are willing to throw their weight of support behind PR and prise themselves away from BN-UMNO. If the Kajang by-election is to be used as a yardstick, then it looks like, yes, Malay's have begun to desert BN-UMNO.
But it is actually the MH 370 missing plane, passengers and crew that is spurring Malaysians of all walks of life to opt for a change of government as Malaysians have an aversion for things that are weird, spooky or sinister.
This is to suggests that Malaysians do not want any more such incidences or calamities to occur in this country and are beginning to look to PR to helm the government of this country rather than a BN-UMNO that has gone awry with their governance.
With the Chinese and Indians giving their full weight of support to PR, it is only a matter of time before realization dawns on Malay's and other bumiputras that they must also opt for a change of government to PR.
Only then will Malaysia be able to take its rightful place in the international community. - Malaysia Chronicle

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