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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, June 29, 2014

DAP: Najib should drop Zahid from cabinet

DAP national vice-chairperson Teresa Kok today called on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to either drop Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi from the cabinet, or at least change the latter's portfolio, labeling Ahmad Zahid as the most "unsuitable home minister in history".

"It is obvious that Zahid can’t tell what is right or wrong, and the question again arises if he is committed to uphold the rule of law, peace and harmony in the nation," said Kok in a statement.

She was referring to Ahmad Zahid trying to justify the recent throwing of a cow head in front of the home of DAP's Seri Delima assemblyperson RSN Rayer.

Kok (right) drew other examples from Zahid's one year tenure as the home minister, in which he also dismissed the threat made by some Islamic NGOs to slap her, and also his controversial calls for the police to "shoot first" when confronting gang members.

She said that Najib does not have the political will to transform his cabinet and thus did not drop Zahid.

"Top on the list of those who should at least have their portfolios changed is definitely the home minister," she said.

"In other democratic nation like Japan, Australia or United Kingdom, if a minister has uttered the ‘shoot first’ remarks, he would definitely lose his post," she added.

'Who's the big mouth?'

Zahid had said that Rayer deserves the treatment for his "big mouth", when he called some Umno members "celaka" in the Penang state assembly, but Kok said no matter how unhappy Zahid was with those remarks, Zahid should have condemned the cow head attack.

"It is laughable that he has described Rayer as 'mulut celupar' (loose cannon/big mouth) when he himself is certainly a 'mulut celupar' minister," she added.

"The prime minister‘s failure to get rid of underperformers in the recent supposed cabinet reshuffle was a setback to his transformation agenda which he has often talked about," she further said.

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