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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

AG and IGP told to stand up to Umno

Latheefa Koya says the selective manner of the current sedition blitz is Umno’s doing.
20320b7360c3c59ee0d3664f17fb22d1PETALING JAYA: PKR central committee member Latheefa Koya has hinted that the Attorney-General and Inspector General of Police was bowing to pressure by Umno to charge MPs, lawyers, professionals and activists with sedition.
Latheefa said, “The investigations and arrests made against these MPs and many others in the last several weeks were in response to police reports made by Umno members and complaints by Umno leaders.”
Adding that the AG “must act professionally and not succumb to pressure from any quarter,” Latheefa said the worrying part was that the criticisms were “valid” and in relation to “legal opinion”.
“There was no element of violence or public disorder in any of the alleged ‘seditious’ remarks by any of those who have been charged,” she remarked.
Latheefa also alluded to the re-opening of investigations on “old complaints” which she said was due once again to “pressure from Umno leaders”.
Touching on the “selective nature of the sedition blitz”, Latheefa said, “no action was taken against pro-Umno government people who had made far more serious remarks.”
Expressing her dismay that people were being hauled up and investigated for sedition to this day, she added, “All such actions by both the AG and IGP shows complete contradiction to what was repeatedly promised by the Prime Minister i.e. to repeal the Sedition Act.”
Accusing the AG of making “empty promises”, Latheefa said he had done nothing despite saying he would review some of the previous sedition charges.
“We therefore urge the AG to do the right thing and review and drop the sedition charges,” Latheefa stated.

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