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Monday, September 29, 2014

When a man is pushed to the brink: ALVIN TAN BLOWS UP AT UMNO LEADERS

When a man is pushed to the brink: ALVIN TAN BLOWS UP AT UMNO LEADERS
Recently, so many people have been harassed, arrested, interrogated, prosecuted, convicted, and even jailed under the Sedition Act in Malaysia -- and I'm talking by the dozens. I can understand prosecuting political opponents for saying things; that's just business as usual, typical of the desperate UMNO p**s with the enthusiasm and fervor to do just about anything to stay in power except governing the country properly.
But when they arrest activists, lawyers, journalists, religious leaders, and even professors and ordinary people expressing opinions on social media, they're declaring an all-out war on everyone and everything that the Malaysian people stand for. This is CLASSIC totalitarianism: silencing dissent to maintain power through fear, intimidation, and violation of human rights.
When I read these reports, I was completely FURIOUS, my blood reaching boiling point, and then more. You f***ing cowardly tyrants, always using the machinery of the state to ruin people's lives just because your egos are challenged and feelings are hurt. OH BOO-HOO, SOMEONE CALLED US "UMNO CELAKA" OR "NAZI." Go cry to mummy. I tell you what, you UMNO s****, I'll say whatever I damn well please, so here is me saying on the record:
- Najib Razak, you're b***-less chicken shit, for allowing all these to happen just so that you can cling on to the top post.
- Zahid Hamidi, you're the closest thing to true evil, and your day will come. I promise. There will be no mercy (tip: google "Qaddafi").
- Yes, Khalid Abu Bakar, you're like the Nazi SS Head Heinrich Himmler, no less, and let me tell you why: because you abused your power just because someone called you names you didn't like. You're a bully, a coward, and a heartless mother f*****.
- Abdul Gani Patail, I hope you feel proud for being the biggest conspirator in all these bullshit prosecutions. You, along with the IGP and Home Minister, are in for some major D-Day, and I'm not talking about merely being voted out of power or being imprisoned.
So why did I break my silence? People say that I'm an idiot for speaking up before my asylum claim is approved, just like how they called me an idiot for starting my sex blog before graduating from law school. Sure, if I wanted to just cover my ass and save my own skin and keep my mother happy, that's exactly what I should have done and just focus on my present life in America. After all, the last thing I want to be is one of those exiled dissidents who is forever attacking his home country from abroad, bitter and jaded and never really settling down and starting a new life overseas (hello, Gopalan Nair).
But if people like me don't speak up and expose these jerks for the cold, inhumane excrement that they are, who else is going to do it? Everyone in Malaysia lives in fear these days. Journalists, lawyers, activists, people in coffee houses, and even brazen f**** like Namewee have to be very, very careful about what they say these days, in case they get targeted.
If I keep quiet now just to cover my own backside, in this crucial moment when most of my fellow Malaysians are disenfranchised, dispirited, and effectively dismembered, IT IS DEEPLY UNETHICAL.
Now, you can say be cynical and question my motives, like, "Yeah right, for real, you want to speak up for the rights of Malaysians." I tell you what. Despite still having remnants of anger at the Malaysian public for supporting my imprisonment under the Sedition Act for the Ramadhan pork episode, the Malaysian public is starting to see the light on what I, along with the Malay Mail's reporter, Boo Su-Lyn, have been consistently advocating since forever -- that speech, ESPECIALLY when it's offensive, should not be regulated, because any hate speech law will ALWAYS be used for unjust censorship and to perpetuate tyranny - 100% of the time.
Who decides what's offensive - Umno!
You can have laws that prevent offensive words from being uttered, but, at the end of the day, it is UMNO who decides what is offensive. At least we have now progressed from saying "oh, the Sedition Act is unfair because it's applied selectively" to "the Sedition Act is unjust no matter how you apply it, it should be abolished." And I'm proud that we've come to that stage, because it shows political maturity as a populace in understanding that governments (and the laws they produce) are by default not to be trusted.
As many prosecutions as they want to engineer, they will never win, ultimately, because we won't stop, and they'll be shocked to discover that Malaysians are more courageous and resilient than those evil f***s could ever imagine. Keep the fight alive.
#AbolishTheSeditionAct #MansuhkanAktaHasutan - with Alvin Tan.
- https://www.facebook.com/alvintan.yolo

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