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Monday, September 29, 2014

Najib is the Emperor Who Wore New/Nude/No (pick one!) Clothes at the U.N.

From my fave news portal online, The MI:

Walk the talk, social media users tell Najib over his UN speech

Barely hours after Datuk Seri Najib Razak condemned the Islamic State militants (Isis) and religious extremism at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, social media users were quick to remind the prime minister to practise what he preached at home.
Twitter user Nash, using the handle @nash_71, did not mince his words when he posted: "@NajibRazak such a pity your words and deeds dont (sic) match where it matters most... at HOME... Malaysia... cld hv (could have) been known a great statesman."
Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen also hit out at the PM's remarks at the UN assembly, by tweeting: "@NajibRazak says the right thing at UN but fails miserably back in Msia – Umno, Isma, Perkasa, Utusan, Jakim, Jais extremism for all to see."
He further posted: "At UN @NajibRazak calls for peace & moderation but no such consideration in Msia – everything is dealt with by the Sedition Act."
This prompted a response from a follower, Peoples Power, using the handle @peoplespowerr, who posted: "He is jaguh dunia BUT not jaguh kampung."
Another Twitter user, Hafiz Noor Shams, using the handle @__earth, appeared to issue a reminder to the PM's earlier presumed admiration for the terror group: "Najib at the UN: WE'RE ANTI ISIS. Najib in an UMNO pow-wow: We should emulate ISIS's courage."
Najib had in June at a dinner to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Cheras Umno branch, called on party members to emulate the exploits of the group, which was then known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil), as its members were able to defeat an Iraqi force despite being outnumbered.
Many criticised him and questioned him for voicing his support for a militant group.
However, the prime minister's office later claimed that his words had been taken out of context and, instead, said that the militants' actions ran counter to the Islamic faith and culture and humanity.
Human rights lawyer Latheefa Koya also took to Twitter today to say: "Najib urges global community to defeat violent extremism & religious intolerance – hello? ada kenal Isma & perkasa?  (heard of Isma and Perkasa?)", in reference to the two Muslim and Malay rights groups in Malaysia.
Former BN de facto law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim also tweeted using the handle @zaidibrahim: "PM snazzy dresser; spoke well about dangerous ideas permeating Islamic world in New York. When back home will he repeat them in Pekan?"
Najib had earlier told the UN General Assembly that Isis militants had destroyed lives and communities and destabilised fragile nations and threatened regional security.
“We reject this so-called Islamic State. We reject this state defined by extremism. And we condemn the violence being committed in the name of Islam.
“We know that the threat to world peace and security is not Islam, but extremism: intolerant, violent and militant extremism. The actions of these militants are beyond conscience and belief. They violate the teachings of Islam, the example set by the Prophet Muhammad, and the principles of Islamic law.”
Najib also said in his speech that there were key things that the world must do to defeat violent extremism and religious intolerance in Iraq and Syria.
“First, security and statehood must be returned to the people of Syria and Iraq.
“Secondly, we must pursue a different kind of politics... We must break the cycle where one group gains power only to wield it against the other... So we should commit to more inclusive politics." – September 27, 2014.

DESIDERATA: When some people become Chameleons overseas, it's time they stay in the zoo...overseas! Helps promote international toursim. Maybe Home Minister Zahid Hamidi should gather the heads of Izma and  Perkasa to head the Moderates Movement in BullehLand?

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