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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Better to be prostitute, says blogger of Muslim woman joining DAP

Melati's Facebook page shows her concern for youth activist Ali Abd Jalil, who was released after being in police custody for more than 20 days. - September 30, 2014.Melati's Facebook page shows her concern for youth activist Ali Abd Jalil, who was released after being in police custody for more than 20 days. - September 30, 2014.A blogger has attacked the actions of a purdah-wearing Malay woman in joining the DAP, saying she should have become a prostitute instead.
The writer, who calls himself "KuntaKinte Malaysia", slammed the woman, who is known as Melati, claiming that her decision to become a DAP member was akin to selling herself and her religion just for the riches offered.
In a posting entitled "Melati, Lebih Baik Jadi Pelacur Dari Sertai DAP”, the writer said the actions of Muslim girls or any Muslim youth in joining the DAP was actually strengthening the party's efforts to weaken the role and position of Islam in the country.
"The reality is, it is more noble to be a prostitute who sells herself for a mouth of rice, than being those in tudung and purdah who 'sell themselves' to the DAP for the riches of the world until it weakens Islam', he said in a website, www.mykmu.net.
Melati, whose real name is Jamila Rahim, is a UniSel graduate and has written a novel titled, "Pelacur Kelas Pertama”.
The 22-year-old's decision to join the DAP shocked many, especially since she dons the purdah.
While he said he would be praying that Melati and other Muslim girls in DAP, including the party's candidate for the Teluk Intan by-election Dyana Sofea Mohd Daud, would return to the right path, KuntaKinte also flayed Johor PAS Youth for its support for Melati.
Sheikh Omar Ali, a Johor PAS Youth member, who is also an assistant to Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong from DAP, had written in a blog calling Melati's decision, the "Melati Move".
He said that her joining the DAP would somewhat serve as an example to young Malaysians who dared to go against the flow.
"It is a signal that the Y-generation do not hold any racist sentiments as a basis for them to be part of a process in building the future of the country to be more fair and democratic," he said.
KuntaKinte claimed that Omar's reaction proved that the involvement of young Muslims in DAP was only for money.
"Omar's statement and justification only confirms the thousand-year-old theory that riches and property are everything in a human world," he added.
He also questioned PAS which, he said, used to be a party that went all out to reject non-Muslim votes.
"It is extraordinary, they who once thought that voting for a non-Muslim as a representative was prohibited, today justifies the involvement of Muslim youth into a party with a majority of non-Muslim leaders who want to weaken Islam in the country," he said.
In an interview with Malaysiakini today, Melati revealed her reasons for joining a party whose detractors never tire of branding as a threat to the position of Malays and Islam.
“If you look at the DAP constitution, it places humanism and human rights as its main thrusts.
“In Islam, humanism is one of the core factors. So DAP is closer to the concept of justice as prescribed by Islam. And Islam is my main principle in life,” she was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini.
Melati stressed that the humanism agenda pushed forth by DAP was crucial in dealing with people of various races and faiths.
She also disagreed with critics who claimed that DAP is a "Chinese, anti-Islam party".
Malaysiakini also reported that previously, Melati was an activist and had worked with soup kitchens around Kuala Lumpur and with orphanages.

The proceeds from her book, Pelacur Kelas Pertama, will go to an orphanage in Teluk Intan, Perak.

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