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Thursday, April 30, 2015

LIKE HUMPTY-DUMPTY, NAJIB & ROSMAH FALL: Not all the Bugis big talk can save them from Dr M

LIKE HUMPTY-DUMPTY, NAJIB & ROSMAH FALL: Not all the Bugis big talk can save them from Dr M
In the recent television interview, Datuk Seri Najib Razak was determined to stay on to power by explaining that, 'Nothing will happen to me due to Tun Dr Mahathir's criticisms. But I have to state that I am responsible to the people and the party. Only time will tell whether our relationship will remain like in the past or otherwise. I leave it to the people and party to determine my position. It does not mean that I do not respect any individual. The fact is I must leave it to the people and the party to determine my position'.
Najib is saying that since he was elected as the Prime Minister of Malaysia by Umno and those who voted in the GE-13, thus he should only relinquish his post if the people vote him out in the GE-14.
Therefore no matter how serious and critical the situation may be as a result of Tun Dr Mahathir’s criticism and efforts to oust him, Najib would not budge. In short Dr. Mahathir can do and say what he wants; Najib would not be bothered at all. That is why Najib has been his usual self, do nothing about it and keep quiet.
Najib is confident that he still has the support of Umno and the people. Technically and lawfully, Najib is right. But on the other hand and by the same token, Najib is wrong and he should resign.
Mandate was for Najib to improve Malaysia, not 'scandalize' or 'bankrupt' it - that's why he must step down
The mandate given to him by Umno and the voters was to make the country better, improve their standard and quality of life, ensure they have extra money in the pockets, the youth should have affordable if not free education up to tertiary level, the sick should be given the best healthcare and the economy should grow and able to compete with Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
The National Debt should be reduced, the nation’s funds should be safe and in abundance. Corruption should be reduced, wastages should be curtailed and over-spending should be a thing of the past.
People should live in a more harmonious and tolerant society, the ‘muhibbah’ spirit should have matured and taken for granted, the Bumiputeras should have be able to stand on their own and the non-Bumiputeras should not be a second-class citizen in the country they were born.
Hardcore poor, old folks, single parents and the less fortunate should be isolated cases and not needing help by various charities. Houses should be affordable to people relative to their financial status.
The police (PDRM) should be taking care of the safety and security of the people and no intrusion should have occurred by the vigilant of our security forces. Foreigners and tourists coming into this country should find out that Malaysia is heaven on earth and not be kidnapped, raped or even murdered.
Najib should make every Malaysian be proud of the country and on every National Day celebrations, we can see the people raising the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ with real pride and happiness. The roads and highways should be flooded with the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ attached onto their vehicles. The world will look up to us and the Vision 2020 could materialize.
Self-indulgence, lavish style and financial shockers
Instead, with the mandate given by Umno and the people, Najib prefer to produce slogans and alphabetic abbreviations like 1Malaysia, KR1M, BR1M, KR1M and worst of all 1MDB.
The various transformation initiatives are only good on paper and self-praise by Najib and his sycophants, where in reality the result is negative of mot total failures.
Najib has not been able to control the illegal immigrants and lower the rate of crimes. Our security is flawed when even the illegal immigrant masquerading as a security guard, robbed a bank and killing one lady bank officer.
Cameron Highlands was almost devastated by immigrants under the watch of the authorities and some prominent areas in KL will turn into some foreign city during long public holidays.
However Najib is only focused on his self-indulgence. Najib has a lavish life style with posh surroundings. He only cares for the whims and fancies of his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor. She has been given too much freedom within Putrajaya.
Rosmah is even able to use the government jets to go shopping and for holidays. At times she also represented Malaysia on the international level instead of the relevant ministers. She has PERMATA (pre-school program) with RM711 budget to herself but of course not a single sen will go to Rosmah. We all know of her obscenely expensive accessories.
Najib prefers to give away RM42 billion without any explanation but still insists 1MDB is in good shape. Can we put our trust in someone who could not be bothered to be concerned and responsible over the wasting such a huge amount of our money?
Nothing for M'sians to be grateful to Najib for
At times of financial uncertainty Najib also has no second thoughts in buying new planes and having expensive wedding function for his daughter. Najib prefers to play golf while the people were inundated by huge floods.
Najib also has special highly paid consultants to improve his image and providing ideas to manage the country. What good have they contributed to our country? Could Najib give us just one example?
All the basic necessities are getting more un-affordable and the whole thing is now made worse by the implementation of GST; everything is expensive.
See, Najib could not be bothered to spend our money wisely and when he needs more money, he just imposes the GST. Even after ramming the GST through, Malaysians now fear he will spend the GST money unwisely. The answer, sorry to say, may be most probably not!
There is not a single relevant thing that Najib has done that the people should be grateful of. The petrol prices have only fluctuated because of the fluctuation of the oil prices, not by any action by Najib.
See, Najib you have miserably failed to serve the people and the country based on the mandate given to you in GE-13.The majority of the people do not support you anymore; just read the comments on your original and genuine Facebook account and you should realize that fact.
Najib, you have to go, we do not need you anymore. You and Rosmah have really have overstayed your welcome. Also, please don't spend anymore of our money - just go and don't disgrace us anymore- MAILBAG

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