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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Permatang Pauh is not Rompin – TK Chua

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I feel compelled to write another letter on the by election in Permatang Pauh, not so much I am an ardent supporter of any political party, but it is more of trying to bring back into focus the issues the nation ought to be discussing and debating.
Although the by election is just for a constituency, the ramifications and implications are national in nature.  We should get it right – Permatang Pauh is not Rompin. It is a continuation of struggle between two coalitions representing two very different “Malaysias”.
But since the nomination of candidates for this constituency, what have we heard from the campaign trails so far?
Then there were sexual innuendoes and aspersions being tossed about directing probably at the nature of Anwar’s conviction.  They think it was fun. They think the rural folks would be entertained.
All the important national issues are either cast aside or distracted. Never mind about the GST and the confusion and hardship it caused.  Never mind the depreciating ringgit, the billions went missing into the thin air, the stripping of government assets, the accumulation of massive public debts, and the incitements and hatred being orchestrated each day. Never mind the 11th  Malaysia Plan being considered which includes nuclear power plants. For a country that can’t even keep the rivers to the catchment areas clean, I think wanting to have nuclear power plants is a moronic idea propelled purely by vested interests and money.  Never mind the billions spent on consultants that produce glossy papers, charts, slogans and acronyms.
But who among the politicians are seriously debating and contemplating issues like these?  Even a by election of national importance has not generated sufficient momentum to compel politicians and those responsible to explain and account for their actions.
Why bother to quote Martin Luther King Jr, John F Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi and others when there are so many simple questions asked by simple folks requiring immediate answers?
Dr Wan Azizah having to stand again as a candidate is a manifestation of many things gone wrong in this country. She is a reluctant politician out of necessity. The reality is there are more Malaysians needing her to stand than she needs to be a MP. So, please give her the space she needs to go through each day.
She is the wife of a man who was convicted of sodomy.  She has to step in to keep the flag flying despite being a “housewife” as many have labelled her. But I think she is more tenacious than any woman in the country today.  I think she has suffered humiliation and pain more than any woman has endured.  Remember the humiliation of Hillary Clinton when President Clinton was almost impeached for his affairs with Monica Lewinsky. Well, anticipate too Hillary may be the next President of the United States.
To some of you of course I am bias, blind and stupid. What else could it be? But for a nation that is oblivious and blind to billions that went missing – billions that could build us more than ten Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah Bridges – I don't think I am that stupid or blind.
* TK Chua reads The Malaysian Insider.

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