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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MAS chief steward sacked for allegations against employer

Weight loss rules and disregard of cabin crew’s safety are among the allegations that Ismail Nasaruddin made against MAS
Ismail-Nasaruddin_mas_600KUALA LUMPUR: Former MAS chief steward Ismail Nasaruddin was dismissed because he breached company’s regulations and had a poor disciplinary record, his manager testified in court today.
Nor Azuan Ismail, MAS’ manager in the strategic people management department told the Industrial Court that MAS was justified in sacking Ismail.
“In an interview with The Sun back in 2013, he (Ismail) raised various allegations against MAS,” Nor Azuan said in his witness statement.
Ismail alleged that MAS was cutting costs drastically with regard to the cabin crew and did not bother to review their allowances and salaries.
In the article, Ismail also claimed that MAS had, on short notice, implemented weight control rules, stopped transport services for crew members, and instituted excessive work hours which affected the welfare and safety of the cabin crew.
The article dated Nov 8, 2013, quoted National Union of Flight Attendants (NUFAM) secretariat and Ismail who is NUFAM’s president.
The Union also called the then-chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya to resign as he failed to resolve their cabin crew’s plight.
Nor Azuan said MAS could not accept Ismail’s explanation as to his making unfavourable allegations against the carrier.
“He (Ismail) said … that he was commenting in the capacity of NUFAM president and not chief steward.”
The company could not accept his explanation, said Nor Azuan, because regardless of his role as NUFAM president, he still had “an underlying duty to MAS as an employee.”
Besides that, Nor Azuan also said Ismail was given a letter of caution for not being available for his flight duty back in 2012.
It was also claimed that he made statements to the New Sunday Times in 2007 and was handed a punishment order and final warning.
When P. Chandra, who represented Ismail, asked Nor Azuan if he was involved in terminating Ismail, he said he was not.
“His termination was decided by a committee (comprising members of) the company management,” he said, adding that his department was responsible for gathering facts, investigating, issuing show-cause letters and laying down punitive measures for Ismail’s statement to the Press.
Ismail complained that under Section 59 of the Industrial Relations Act, he was wrongfully dismissed.
His case was referred to the Industrial Court under Section 26(2).
He is seeking to reinstate on his position. Hearing continues on July 3 before Chairman Jamhirah Ali.

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