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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stop calling me 'BELOVED', that's for my wife - Adenan tells SYCOPHANT Alfred Jabu

Stop calling me 'BELOVED', that's for my wife - Adenan tells SYCOPHANT Alfred Jabu
KUCHING - Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem today abandoned protocol and asked to be addressed only as “CM” minus his official titles or even just as Adenan during official functions.
“It is very tedious for a speaker after another to address me Yang Amat Berhomat Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr Haji Adenan Satem at official functions.
“Just call me CM, cukuplah. So please call me CM or Adenan, though the protocol people may not like that,” he said when winding the debate at the state legislative assembly.
He also appealed to his deputy, Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang, not to address him as the “beloved chief minister”, prompting laughter from the state lawmakers and members of the media.
“Calling me ‘beloved’ is reserved for my wife, children and grandchildren. I feel embarrassed to be called beloved,” he said, chuckling.
He further asked the business community, the public and political parties not to put congratulatory messages in the newspapers to mark his birthday or anniversary as chief minister.
“Please spend the money on charities,” said Adenan, who took over as chief minister from Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud on February 28 last year. - Malay Mail

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