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Sunday, June 28, 2015

ADUN'S RM4 MIL SHOCKER: NS rep caught in bounced cheques scandal

ADUN'S RM4 MIL SHOCKER: NS rep caught in bounced cheques scandal
Nadi Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia (Nadi) yesterday urged the government to investigate a Negeri Sembilan assemblyperson who purportedly wrote six cheques out to a businessman, all of which bounced.
Speaking at a press conference in Seremban yesterday, Nadi chairperson Mohd Nazree Yunus said an informant handed over copies of the ‘bounced’ cheques to them.
The six cheques, he added, amounted to RM4 million were issued to a businessman; two cheques were for RM1 million each, while the other four were for RM500,000 each.
“All of the cheques were dated 28 Mar, 2007. Unfortunately, all of them bounced. The question we are asking is how does a state assemblyperson have money amounting to RM4 million?” asked Nazree.
On top of that, Nazree said that these cheques bounced raised serious ethical issues about the elected representative’s conduct.
He urged the authorities, including Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), as well as Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hassan, who is also the state Umno liaison chairperson, to investigate the person’s identity.
Nazree said he will be handing over copies of the alleged cheques to MACC.
Negeri Sembilan PAS Youth chief Norazman Mohamad and Nadi information chief were also at the press conference.
Norazman urged for transparency once MACC investigates the case
“Negeri Sembilan PAS Youth, together with the secretariat for Nadi Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia, will continue to follow up on this issue,” he added. - M'kini

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