YOURSAY ‘When logic fails, bring in race. When that too fails, bring in religion.’

Najib: 1MDB contributes to Islamic development

Mohamed Don Awang: I don't know much with regards to Islamic finances and practices. I thought profit monies derived from illicit activities (haram) or even from suspect sources (gharar), viz. whether they are Islamic compliant or not, are unacceptable even to be spent on oneself and family, more so to be used for a community's benefit.

Let's hear from a more knowledgeable scholar with regards to other 1MDB's ‘haram’ earnings, contributions to BRIM (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia), political spending, etc

Saphire: While it is commendable that 1MDB made contribution to the construction of a mosque, it is despicable that it sold a piece of land at a super-inflated price to pilgrimage fund Tabung Haji. It is like robbing from one to pay the other.

Najib, can you please stop your twisting and turning the 1MDB issue? If indeed you are transparent, you could have answered the questions on Jho Low’s and your stepson's wealth.

The other day, on my way home in a taxi, the driver was swearing and cursing Umno leaders over the 1MDB issue. I was shocked that a Malay could be so sore with you. So stop evading the issue.

Lone_Star: See how Najib claims credit and show his influence in 1MDB: “When the mosque committee met me, I immediately agreed and approved it. I asked the 1MDB Foundation (to donate).”

Now we know who has been approving all the 1MDB deals so expeditiously.

Justine Gow: If someone steals one million ringgit from a bank and donates RM1,000 to an orphanage, can he justify the theft by saying that he has contributed to the well-being of the orphans?

I am not saying that there are wrongdoings in 1MDB. If there is no wrongdoing, the only way to convince the public of this is to answer directly, openly, clearly and truthfully all questions raised regarding 1MDB (and not through FAQs).

The recently-appointed public relations advisor to the PM should know that there is no other way out. What will the public conclude if the only way out is not taken?

Sirach: It is so typical of the Umno Baru lot in playing the race/religion card when they are in deep doo doo.

Okay, RM20 million was given to the mosque. So now everyone is expected to shut up about the billions that were borrowed on ridiculous terms, the deployment of which has yet to be satisfactorily explained?

Vijay47: I was wondering how long it would take before Najib played this card. When the going gets really tough, he and Umno can always rely on that old stand-by triumvirate - race, religion, and rulers.

But this time, the Muslims may not be so gullible being taken for a ride on the 1MDB roller-coaster, especially not after the Tabung Haji debacle.

Ah well, Najib can always share with us how he lovingly and patriotically helped the Agong construct the new palace.

Donplaypuks: 1MDB can't service RM2.7 billion annual interest payment without a government bailout, making billion in losses and covering it up with paper gains from revaluation of land, but it can donate RM20 million to build a mosque?

Hplooi: So predictable. When logic fails, bring in race. When that too fails, bring in religion. And that is the current status. When that fails (as it will be wont to), the omniscient will be cited to stop all naysayers.

Thai cops say 'blackmail', PM's men say 'tampered'
SRMan: Whether the emails were tampered or not by alleged whistleblower Xavier Andre Justo, the facts remain:

1) 1MDB is beset with a massive debt of RM42 billion.

2) 1MDB dubiously purchased assets at above market price.

3) 1MDB is facing repayment problems.

4) 1MDB had overpaid commission on numerous occasions for loans arranged by banks.

5) 1MDB has already engaged three different auditors for its five financial year-ends; this does not bode well for its management.

The 'bad guy' might have blackmailed his former employer but that does not mean tampering of the documents.

On the contrary, it lends huge credence to the genuineness of the documents, which otherwise the 'bad guy' would not be able to use as a bargaining power for his purported blackmailing act.
Swipenter: Now who is twisting "facts"? Is Justo charged with blackmailing PetroSaudi International or leaking "tampered" emails to a third party in Thailand?

Sarawak Report has come out defending the authenticity of the leaked emails and the accusers have yet to respond. Now what gives?

Bluemountains: Khairy Jamaluddin claimed that the facts have been distorted. Will the minister now provide evidence to show that the facts have indeed been distorted? -Mkini