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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jeffrey wants fake, dubious ICs to be probed

The probe into fake Native Certificates can be extended to fake and dubious ICs which have long been plaguing the people of Sabah
Jeffrey Kitingan,MACC
KOTA KINABALU: Two veteran political leaders, former Ranau MP Henrynus Amin and Bingkor assemblyman Jeffrey Kitingan, have welcomed the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission’s (MACC) probe into the fake and dubious Native Certificate phenomenon in Sabah. Jeffrey, at the same time, wants the probe into the authenticity of Native Certificates extended to cover fake and dubious ICs long plaguing the people of Sabah.
Henrynus and Jeffrey were speaking up on the continuing MACC investigation on Native Certificates in Sabah which were suspected to be not authentic.
In addition, Jeffrey wants to know why the authorities concerned have ignored the fake and dubious IC syndrome in the state despite numerous police reports being lodged on a problem long plaguing the state. “Don’t just brag about Sabah being an electoral fixed deposit.”
Jeffrey was also echoing Henrynus’ stand that the Orang Asal needs to be organised through an “Operasi Tataba” programme on the loss of their lands. Tataba signifies the ancient magical wand of power.
Both leaders were commenting on the MACC roping in 34 people for investigation and freezing 14 Amanah Saham Nasional (ASN) accounts with savings totaling millions.
It appears that most of those with ASN accounts claimed that they had no idea that they were not entitled to the Native certificates that they hold as they were very young when they obtained it.
“ICs issued not in accordance with the law are also treasonous and threaten the sovereignty of the people to its core,” added Jeffrey. “There have been no investigations of fake and dubious ICs despite numerous police reports on many of these documents entering the electoral rolls.”
Jeffrey charged that those who were behind the IC scam are in high places and appeared to have gotten away scot-free after what they did to the people of Sabah. “The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) Report on illegal immigrants should be read in its entirety to connect the dots.”
He pointed at the Eastern Sabah Security Command (EssCom) as another authoritative source of the fake and dubious IC syndrome in the state.
“They have clearly identified the illegal immigrants, the bulk of the 1.7 million foreigners in Sabah, have been identified as the enemy within the state,” reminded Jeffery. “It’s only a matter before those holding fake and dubious ICs in Sabah appear in other parts of the country to haunt other citizens elsewhere.”

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