Four Malay DAP Subang division leaders have denied assertions made by an academician they joined the party to fight for Malay leadership and rights.

They denied a statement made by the deputy head of the Political, Security and International Affairs cluster of the National Professor's Council, Professor Jayum Jawan.

The four, namely DAP Subang Youth chief, Edry Zainal, his deputy Young Syefura (photo), DAP Subang Youth treasurer, Tarmizi Anuwar and its youth publicity secretary, Numan Saadan said in a joint statement that what was assumed by Jayum was reckless and incorrect, regarding Malays who join the party.

He had been quoted by news portal Free Malaysia Today as saying that Malays joining the DAP were trying to find a new platform and their intention was to fight for a Malay leadership.

The academician had added efforts by the DAP to attract Malays were still weak and insufficient and it had little chance of entering or contesting successfully in non-Chinese areas.

However the four explained they were in the party not to uplift the racial agenda but to fight for the rights of the people.

“Despite Jayum's (photo) assertions that we joined to fight for Malay rights, the actual reason we joined is because we are tired of listening and watching the politics in this country being centred on the struggle for a particular race.

“We joined DAP not to uplift the Malay leadership but to uplift the people and recognise that it is they who are leaders.

"We are not fighting for a particular race but we are in the struggle to ensure that the people’s rights as protected under the Federal Constitution are followed."

They added they want to see democracy flourish further in Malaysia, where efforts for a better country was realised through an organisation multi-racial in nature.

“We are attracted to the agenda for the people and of the people, which is more inclusive and progressive,” the four said, added that that Malaysia is for all citizens regardless of their race, working together in solidarity.

The four reiterated that Malaysia should move away from racial politics towards an ideology based on freedom and fighting for the rights of those who are shunned, to ensure justice and equality.

“These principles are in line with those of  DAP  and that is why we chose DAP over others,” they explained.