YOURSAY ‘Unless there’s evidence, it’s more logical that emails not tampered.’

'Tampering claim based on logical assumption'

Kim Quek: Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, you are merely speculating, while Sarawak Report has come out with concrete evidence as illustrated in its posting on June 26 that there was no tampering of the emails.

Significantly, this Sarawak Report posting has remained unchallenged to date, meaning that what it says is still the final authority on the subject of tampering.

So, unless Sarawak Report’s claim is disputed, we take it that any continuing speculation (like what Junaidi is doing) or any continuing accusation of tampering (like what Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and other Umno ministers are doing) is dishonest witch-hunting, deliberately done to hoodwink the public into believing that 1MDB and PM Najib Razak have been wrongly accused for this abominable scandal.

Swipenter: Wan Junaidi, your "logical assumption" does not hold any water in the face of Sarawak Report rebutting the alleged tampering of the emails.

Secondly, how can PetroSaudi International (PSI) be blackmailed using tampered emails?

Logically, former PetroSaudi employee Xavier Justo can only blackmail PetroSaudi using authentic copies of emails and they must contained information that the company wants to hide from everyone.

Now it is a logical assumption why Justo was arrested for alleged blackmail and not for tampering emails by the Thai authorities.

So far neither PetroSaudi nor private security company Protection Group International (PGI) has torn to pieces Sarawak Report'srebuttal of tampering of emails by Justo.
AntaraBangsa: It's amazing what the people in government can say when there is no consequence to their words or actions.

Wan Junaidi is basically saying "we don't have any proof, but we want to believe that Xavier tampered with documentation because it supports the government's claim that 1MDB is above board". What a load of baloney.

Gggg: I guess you don't really need to be intelligent to be in power.

Odin Tajué: Now, as you and I have good, functioning brains, we always support our assumptions by providing our rationale.

In this case, our rationale is that this person and others of his feather, have come to be aware of the alleged alteration not only after four long months, but also only after Justo has been arrested by the Thai authorities.

The materials published by the Sarawak Report have been existing at the website for the whole world to see for four months, but yet not one of them has displayed functioning brains to process the information contained in the published documents and to challenge them.

As further proof that these persons do have decaying brains, there has been no attempt made by any of them to show how the originals have been tampered, if indeed this is the case.

Only the so-called expert from the Protection Group International (PGI) has provided an example, but all he has succeeded in doing is to show to us that he is anything but an expert.

The Sarawak Report has immediately proved him miserably wrong. We know that. No wonder his name was not divulged.

It is logical to assume that not one of them has been able to prove that tampering has taken place for the simple reason that no such thing has been done.

Further, it is logical to assume that the locations or the whereabouts of vast sums of money supposedly lost by 1MDB have not been revealed for the simple reason that they could have been channelled into the private bank accounts of certain individuals.

‘Lost' here has to do with not in possession of money due to a bad business move, and not with lacking of money due to it having dropped out of your pocket, without you realising it.

Kit P: Blackmail is only effective if the basis for the blackmail is something either true or largely true, and the intended target has a strong need to keep it a secret.

Otherwise, there is nothing to stop the intended target from just brushing aside the blackmailer with a "get lost". In fact, logic would affirm that the documents surrounding the alleged blackmail show they are genuine.

Senior Wrong: Yes, fuzzy logic. If the blackmail threat was: "I will tamper if you don't pay", then the tampering had not happened yet. Otherwise, what threat is there if you don't pay?

Nobrain: Justo is charged with blackmailing, not tampering of information. Indeed if the information had been tampered, would PetroSaudi really be bothered by it? This proves that the information obtained by Sarawak Report is correct.

Asitis: Just because it is logical, does not always mean it is right. We have to look at the evidence at hand. Don't be too eager to paint a story which is to your advantage, only to make a fool of yourself later.

Onlooker: I didn't make that 'logical' assumption. My first thought was 'whistleblower'. We might both be right or both wrong. Assumptions are just that - assumptions.

Iiiizzzziiii: With ministers of this calibre, every Tom, Dick and Harry in Malaysia can also be a minister. Logical assumption is not the order of the day. But to propagate and attempt to misinform or mislead, is the agenda here.

Up to now, what has the government been doing where 1MDB is concerned? Why are questions asked but not getting a response at all. If you have nothing hide, then how come the questions have not been addressed?

Now the government is going on the offensive. Still, there are no answers been given to simple questions raised. Even a 10-year-old child can tell the government has not been sincere. No wonder this country is falling apart, economically, politically and socially.

We Are Concerned: When Justo was arrested on an alleged blackmail charge, how logical is it to so quickly assume he is also guilty of tampering with the leaked documents, even though the documents are with him, unless proven so.

Did the courts there say so? If not, who said so?

Donkey Kong: There is a trick used in Dr Mahathir Mohamad's days (or Joseph Goebbels more than 70 years ago). If you repeat a falsehood three times or more, people will believe you.

Hence, the word now is 'tampered'. If the mainstream media uses it often enough, the public will believe that these documents are tampered with. -Mkini