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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, June 29, 2015

The 'REAL REASON' why Najib delayed the Umno polls

The 'REAL REASON' why Najib delayed the Umno polls
UMNO is procrastinating on its party election again. Just like Mahathir and Pak Lah did the election will be postponed for eighteen months after 2016. Thus the election will only take place in 2018. UMNO President announced the decision made by the supreme council of the party meeting yesterday evening.
Delaying of the party election has been cultured in UMNO since the time Dr Mahathir was at the helm. This habit of delaying party elections is the consequence of the ‘big fight’ of 1987 where the victor and the incumbents were ‘frightened’ to hold party election unless they are pretty sure that there was no one to offer the top position other than themselves. Party constitutions have been amended like one changing underwear or visiting toilets.
You see, the president of UMNO is an automatic Prime Minister as that has been the conventional way of choosing a Prime Minister here. It means that the PM here is elected by the few members of UMNO delegates and no other races in the country have the opportunity to choose a Prime Minister.
There is a provision in the constitution that anyone among the members of the Legislative that enjoys the confidence of the house will be the Prime Minister, that clause of the constitution has never been applied since independence. That was why the President of UMNO is very powerful position as that is the green lane to be the PM of Malaysia without stoppages. Above all that a Prime Minister of Malaysia is the most powerful among the Prime Ministers and Presidents in the world.
Malaysian Prime Minister can put anyone to jail as the Judiciary is now occupied by the Executive. He can also pull out anyone from prison as he wishes. A Prime Minister can commit the biggest crimes and no law can apprehend him. Demonstrably he has the immunity from any legal action against him so in essence the country is owned by a Prime Minister. Anyone who does not support him will be oppressed by outwardly or in a quiet and systematically.
What a Prime Minister of Malaysia needs around him is to have more court-jesters like Ahmad Maslans, a numerous number of Azeez Rahims as well as Hassan Malek and his likes to amuse and please him at all time. To more serious apple polishers they treat the PM like God. One of the ministers who hail from Pahang was saying that going against Najib is like going against God. So the PM has to be treated Godly at all time.
Thus the need of party election is not an urgent thing agenda even though the party needs the change as at current rate of its leader’s conduct the ruling party is at risk of losing the general election. Najib does not believe that notion as he believes money can solve that problem easily. Najib takes money is the determinant of the party’s survival.
Come general election he thinks he can buy the soul of the tiresome Malaysians and the mandate would come in handy. Hence there is no necessity to have party election to find good leaders that the members want. Najib is confident that Malaysians will pawn their voting rights with money and cheap handouts chivalrously.
Najib believes that only leaders who are lavish with money can take charge of the country and we don’t need leaders who spend his time thinking good for the nation. With money we do not have to think. Just spend and spend extravagantly.
So why must we spend too much time in search for good leaders. It’s a waste of time. Remember the famous quote of this Bugis 'hero', ‘Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu’. Everyone will be taken care. -http://aspanaliasnet.blogspot.com/

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