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Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Close All Mosques, Ban The Koran" Geert Wilders, Next PM Of Holland.

Close all mosques & ban the Koran
Poll-topping Geert Wilders launches ‘de-Islamization’ manifesto
Geert Wilders head of right-wing Dutch Freedom Party (PVV)
launched manifesto for “de-Islamization" of Netherlands 
Wilders leads in polls to become next prime minister

Titled “The Netherlands is ours again” 
Wilders published one page, 11 pointmanifesto
highlighting party’s hard-line positions on Islam

general election in March
manifesto calls for 
  • closure of all mosques and Islamic schools
  • ban on Koran and 
  • no more immigrants from Islamic countries 
  • ban on “Islamic headscarves” also proposed 
  • prohibition of all “Islamic expressions which violate public order
PVV is fighting Islam
close borders of European Union 
"Netherlands must again be ours"

to hold referendum on country’s membership in EU
PVV calling for spending increase in police and armed forces 
Geert Wilders serious plans to de-Islamise Netherlands
Wilders will emerge as biggest party following March’s elections
if opinion polls are to be believed

Here is more news about Wilders and the Dutch :

July 4, 2016
Poll: Wilders Party for Freedom to get 50% more seats than nearest rival
if election today, Wilders party get 36 seats, 50% > nearest rival
Euroskepticism widespread in Netherlands

only 50% Dutch agree EU made significant contribution to Netherlands
only 51% agree that EU helped ensure fewer wars in Europe
Only 14% of Dutch want EU to become one country
46% of Netherland residents believe EU will fall apart within decade

49% of Dutch want to eliminate Schengen Agreement (no border checks in EU)
40% Dutch support full withdrawal from EU 
Similar levels of support for removing Netherlands from Euro
80% Dutch dont want to see any more powers transferred to Brussels

half the public worries about another world war
similar proportion sees likelihood of revolution across Europe 
Brexit significantly boosted popularity of Wilders 

My comments : Scotland wants to rethink independence from Britain. Belgium can divide into two. Spain can break up into three countries - Spain, Catalan and the Basque territories. They cant even stand each other. 

So what chance is there for burka Muslims, jihadi Muslims or just any Muslim to be received in Holland? When the numbers are small, they look at them as novelties. Like lost puppies who turn up at your front door.  Maybe also a chance at redemption for their past sins in the faraway lands of the coloured peoples.

But when too many of them turnup and start doing what cute puppies like to do, then the puppies will not be cute anymore. The novelty will wear off.  Irritation will set in.

This is happening now all over  Europe.  Geert Wilders has not caught the wave. Wilders created the wave in Holland. The Dutch are now catching up with Wilders.

In 2011 a Norwegian guy Anders Behring Breivik shot and killed 82 people (mostly Muslims)  in one day.  

Breivik was a far right extremist. But he did not shoot the Vietnamese or the Indians. 

The anti Muslim feeling in Europe has been building up over some years now.

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