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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dr M’s royal outburst may affect Muhyiddin in Johor

YOURSAY | ‘He should never have criticised Johor nationalism.’
Kim Quek: Individual states in a federation should not excessively promote parochial nationalism within the state for that will tend to factionalise the nation. On that point, Mahathir is right.
In a democracy practicing constitutional monarchy, the ultimate power to make law must be vested with the people, executed through their elected representatives in Parliament. Hence, the monarch should not have veto power on legislations save certain special matters.
Fairnsquare: Mahathir should never have criticised Johor nationalism. The country is divided as a result of narrow-minded politicians including Mahathir who took over where the colonialists left of, and continued the plunder of our national resources for their personal benefit.
HRH (His Royal Highness), who is above politics, is driving the state along historically-established ‘Bangsa Johor’ concept. Johoreans do not expect non-Johoreans to understand or even support it. And frankly, we don’t give a damn.
Situated next to a country with no natural resources which has developed into one of the most developed countries in the world, yes, we know what good governance can bring. We are blessed with a ruler, who cannot decide for Malaysia, but definitely can for Johor, and whom we love and respect.
Mahathir's outburst can only negatively impact Muhyiddin Yassin's efforts in Johor. We, Bangsa Johor, support our beloved sultan and despise anyone who tries to contradict him. Daulat Tuanku.
Anonymous S303: As despicable Mahathir is and was, he at least put a stop to the excesses of the royalty. Can you imagine if that was not stopped, a different kind of looting would have taken place?
Anonymous 29051438068738: "Mahathir is the root cause of the present problems in the country," said Johor's Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar.
And what "present problems" may I ask? Stealing from the nation's coffers? Money laundering? Getting the police and the attorney-general AG to cover up a crime? Shutting down an investigation? Sacking the AG? Refusing to identify MO1 fingered by the US attorney-general?
Cogito Ergo Sum: You could call the rebuke a royal slap on TDM (Tun Dr Mahathir). The long list of TDM's excessive authoritarianism is still here for all to benefit and profit. And Malaysia is paying the price his folly.
But at a moment of regret, TDM seems to doing what he can to undo the damage. It may be too little too late.
Let's show him the kindness that he lacked during his 22-year tenure and allow him that chance of undoing the mess he created then that had led to the present catastrophe.
Justine Gow: You can blame Dr M as much as you like. What he did was in the past. But let's not forget the plundering that is currently going on. The focus should be on correcting what is wrong.
I can imagine someone (you know who) smiling and feeling that he is justified in his present wrongdoings every time Dr M is criticised.
Sarawakian: At least TDM is trying to solve our problems. What is the Johor sultan doing about it? Nothing. TDM has been right about everything so far.
He's been right about our spineless politicians Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Musa Hitam. And absolutely right about PM Najib Razak and 1MDB.
Anonymous 122461436161429: Criticism is healthy. Nobody should be told to shut up, irrespective of the standing of the critic.
I think it is a problem if one state thinks they are better, more independent and more autonomous than the other states that form a federation. Does Johor hold this view?
This is not a question who did what to whom and when, and not a question of uniting races.
OMG: Servile sycophancy seems to run riot here. While TDM is not without flaws, don't forget he has used his muscle when PM, to place us in a much better trajectory from which we continue to benefit.
And he chose to step down voluntarily, unlike a certain man who refuses to budge.
Anonymous 560221439180274: Mahathir finally met his match in a sultan. This state bangsaship cannot be avoided. I am an Indian from Perak, and each time I meet someone from Perak, especially from Ipoh, it stirs a certain good feeling to know a fellow Perakian.
Mahathir must have told it to people of India, who pride calling themselves, "I am a Keralite”, a Tamilian, a Telugu, Gujurati, Sindi, Punjabi and so forth.
It does not mean people from the different states cannot come together as Malaysians. My international passport says I am a Malaysian, but my identity card says I am of Indian origin (under the race column).
Mahathir talks about Malaysianism today, where was he when it should have been done a long time ago? And why has he set up a purely Malay party?
Vijay47: Mahathir, you and most of us may now be on the same side but your crimes and sins are simply too great to be ignored and forgotten just because we have become convenient bed-fellows for the moment.
Had you erred on an insignificant level, forgiveness could have been easily forthcoming but what you did is the destruction of the very fabric upon which this nation once blossomed.
Curbing the Agong's authority is just one of your many vile deeds; the shackling of the judiciary, parliamentary proceedings, the Elections Commission, attorney-general, Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), race and religious relations were victims to your cunning.
Why, even the creation of beings like Najib, present-day Umno, AG Mohamed Apandi Ali and inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar must be placed squarely on your head.
It gives me untold pleasure and glee that the Johor sultan has openly condemned you. I await with eager anticipation for His Highness and indeed other members of our royalty to turn their denunciation on the current manifestations of your legacy.
Gggg: We can't blame everything entirely on Mahathir only. There were many others who helped or played along with him to bring the country to the mess we are currently in.
No leaders would be able to govern without the support of others who failed to act accordingly.
Fairman: Before 1948, Johor was a sovereign state and it was okay to have Bangsa Johor. After that Johor was part of Federation of Malaya and then part of Malaysia in 1963.
Dr Mahathir, right or wrong, was entitled to his opinion as stated under Article 10 (Freedom of expression). There is no point throwing mud at Dr M. Many have a lot of reservations about his 22 years as PM but we must be forward looking.

Raja Chulan: I am of the same thinking as Mahathir on this matter. We must move forward and be progressive, not go backward to a feudalistic society. -Mkini

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