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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It does not matter who funded the white elephant

Typical of many third countries, we like to build monuments, do eyesore landscaping and putting up banners, colourful lights and buntings all over the country when our most basic infrastructure and amenities are in dire straits.
I am referring to the monument built in Kuala Krai to commemorate the 2014 yellow flood which was recently officially opened by the MB of Kelantan.
Frankly, it does not matter the construction of the monument was funded by private or public sources. As a responsible state government, all donations and contributions must be put to better use.
Why build a monument to commemorate the flood when nothing substantive and significant has been done to prevent its reoccurrence in the future? What more, many of the flood victims are still wallowing in poverty with no proper housing and amenities two years after the great flood.
Even if private money was involved, I believe the state government could still influence the relevant parties for better use of the money.
Building a monument is just too easy. No feasibility study is ever needed. No output or return of investment is ever contemplated. It is just a ‘shiok sendiri’ project for contractors and other relevant parties to make some money without much responsibility.
If we are discerning enough, it is not difficult to see white elephants littering all over the country. Fanciful flower pots, poorly maintained fountains, eyesore landscaping, colourful bulbs, banners and buntings are everywhere.
I just don’t understand why people in authority are always in dire need of common sense. I am sure collecting garbage, clearing clogged drains, filling up potholes and building more rural roads and bridges are more beneficial than building monuments and fountains. - Mkini

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