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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The Third Force
Hey, what is up guys?
After my last article, many were anxious that I hadn’t written anything new these past two days. Some thought I had finally called it a day and put my pen down. Others kept asking if I had been threatened by people that may have been sent by Dr. Mahathir Mohammad to intimidate me.
Well, it’s none of that. The truth is, I was on a forced two-day hiatus owing to something computer technologists refer to as the Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD. Basically, my Windows 7 operating system crashed on me and caused many important files to go missing. So I was forced into a little ‘forensic’ work and had to debug my system using backend programming. I have recovered a bulk of the lost files.
I got things under control for the moment, although, I have yet to trace the software or driver that’s causing the problem. Even though the system isn’t functioning optimally, I couldn’t wait and had to reboot windows on a temporary platform of sorts just to roll this print out. I think you’re going to find what I have to say today most intriguing.
But first, did you guys pay any attention to the sweeping statement Dr. Mahathir Mohammad made last Sunday? Well, if you didn’t, here it is – the former premier announced, for the very first time, that UMNO needed to be destroyed at all cost. No more UMNO as far as he’s concerned. According to him, UMNO is no longer relevant to the Malay community.
In a speech he delivered in Kota Bharu, Mahathir expressed in a hundred and one shades how the party had been brought under siege by its president, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. One of my guys, who just happened to be at a warong nearby on that day (and I’m not making this up), met a few Pak Hajis right after the event was over. This is what he had to say:
“I was told, it was the same bloody drivel. The pakciks told me it was like listening to a misguided preacher who only wanted to further his agenda.”
And this is what Free Malaysia Today quoted Mahathir as saying:
“This party (UMNO) has to be defeated, and (for that), we need a new party that is stronger than UMNO. I loved UMNO – that was why I was with UMNO for a long time.”
But isn’t that what we at Malaysia Today have been saying all along? Late last year, we were the first to tell you that it was no longer about getting rid of Najib alone. Back then, it had come to my attention that Mahathir was hell bent on destroying Barisan Nasional. Even Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) had hinted on it once or twice.
To bring you up to speed, the former premier made that decision in a meeting he convened early in August last year. The meeting came on the heels of a failed coup attempt by a group of Tan Sris, two of whom had fabricated a charge sheet against the Prime Minister to warrant his arrest. Mahathir wanted some straight answers. He wanted to know how Najib had come to figure the plot out to the minute detail.
There to deliver the right answers was a Chinese Tan Sri, a tycoon, known to have his tentacles lodged within a few well placed circles. For convenience, let us simply refer to this Chinese Tan Sri as TSX. TSX was said to have told Mahathir exactly who it was that spilled the beans to Najib. The news fractured the ex-premier so badly, he almost cried.
Distraught and defeated, Mahathir immediately decided that UMNO needed to be swept into the abyss come the 14th general election. In other words, Mahathir concluded that the next general election would be the election where Malaysians finally get a new government. The former premier conceded that there was no way in hell he or anyone could ever force a resignation from Najib. The way he saw things, UMNO and Najib were inseparable and needed to be dealt with as a single unit.
However, if you were to ascribe credit to anyone for getting Mahathir to realise that point, the honours would go to TSX, who was instrumental in convincing Mahathir that a snap poll was the way forward. TSX argued that the Prime Minister was on firm footing and commanded majority support in UMNO. According to him, any further attempts to force a resignation out of Najib would be futile.
But remember, we’re talking about Mahathir. This is a guy who is known not to take heed of anyone’s suggestions, be it Lim Kok Wing or the pope himself. What more TSX. So you can be sure that the points TSX raised weren’t the only reasons that caused Mahathir to concede to the snap election idea.
The truth is, several corporate capitalists who Mahathir approached right after the failed coup attempt were not willing to burn more billions on another coup plot. They were more receptive to the snap election proposal and the idea of crushing UMNO to get to Najib. I am told that even they floated the idea to Mahathir without knowing that TSX had already suggested it.
Was TSX in cahoots with Mahathir’s funders? I wonder.
Anyway, just to seal their commitment, Mahathir approached his funders later in December and tabled another proposal that TSX had floated during the August meet. The basic outline of that proposal was to launch a yearlong ‘save’ Malaysia campaign as a prelude to a five-month ‘war of an untold proportion’ against Barisan Nasional. According to this plan, Mahathir would emerge midway through the onslaught and challenge Najib to trigger the dissolution of Parliament by March next year.
I get a strange feeling that the funders had conspired among themselves to prevent another coup attempt. I can’t be sure of it. Perhaps, they already knew that Najib was unshakable and were only humouring Mahathir. I know for a fact that TSX is no longer complicit with Mahathir to topple Najib. I can tell you with a hundred percent certainty that TSX is only humouring Mahathir, as one Malaysia Todayreader so aptly put it.
Anyway, as you can see, it was the reluctance of Mahathir’s funders that sealed in the yearlong ‘save’ Malaysia campaign. The campaign was meant to blacken Najib’s name, to a point that it wouldn’t matter if Najib were guilty or innocent. Voters would just beg for a new Prime Minister to end the never-ending mudslinging. The idea was to get people frustrated with the way “the country was moving forward.”
The December 2015 meeting between Mahathir and his funders agreed to issue a three billion ringgit voucher towards funding the ‘save’ Malaysia campaign. In the months that followed, Mahathir negotiated an additional two billion from one or two of the funders, arguing that funds were also needed to launch a new party, a Third Force and to bankroll electoral machineries.
Some of what is stated above is contained in previous articles, which you can trace through the links I have provided below this one. For now, let us move on to a very interesting discovery I made, one that I think will knock your socks right off.
There was a controversial point of contention made during the meeting Mahathir convened last August. On that day, everyone present agreed that the DAP and PKR needed to be buried six feet underground right after the next general election. What is most interesting about that proposition is the fact that the person who made it, a Chinese, was himself instrumental in sabotaging the MCA during the 2008 and 2013 general elections.
Just so that you know, back in 2007, Mahathir is believed to have arranged for the former CEO of a SESDAQ listed company, Tony Pua Kiam Wee, to be dressed as a Trojan horse and carted on wheels into the DAP. In other words, Tony Pua is one of Mahathir’s moles – a spy, if you like – planted in the party for very specific reasons. I am told, the latter resigned from his SESDAQ listed company, then at the verge of a bankruptcy, by disposing of all his assets just to join the DAP. Several DAP insiders recently met me and confirmed that Tony Pua was a double agent who took his cues from Mahathir.
If what I was told is true, Tony has been Mahathir’s man from day one. I am told that even Lim Kit Siang is aware of it and has been from the moment Tony walked through his door back in 2007. The senior Lim never complained much, seeing that Mahathir was desperate to rid government of the then Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi. He granted Tony Pua a free pass into the party, hoping that some of Mahathir’s funds would channel through the party’s coffers.
According to the same party insiders, some of the funds did end up in the DAP’s war chest. However, I can’t be certain if any of that money, if it had flowed, was ever used to fund the DAP’s mudslinging campaign against Abdullah. It is difficult to say, because from the information I have, the DAP is receiving all sorts of funds from various sources, including a very enigmatic one that appears stationed in East Asia. If Kit Siang has the balls, he should come out immediately to reveal the source of the DAP’s funding since 2008 – all of it – before I do. And once I do, there will be no turning back.
Anyway, as I’m sure you already know, Abdullah succumbed under the burden of Mahathir’s relentless assaults and was forced to hand over the baton to Najib. But did Tony Pua leave the DAP after fulfilling his task of pushing the anti-Abdullah agenda through the party’s leadership?
Instead, he stayed back and pretended to defend the PKR’s reformist agenda and the DAP’s push for a united opposition front. Before long, top secret information that related to the DAP’s most cryptic circles began flowing into Mahathir’s filing cabinets. The former premier learnt of every dirty little secret both the DAP and Kit Siang kept hidden, including the source of the party’s funding. Now, take a guess, who leaked the info?
I’m not saying.
The information leak presented to Mahathir a leverage to twist Kit Siang’s arms to his fancies. And that is why, back in 2013, the former premier came out in public to reiterate that Kit Siang was a thoroughbred racist, despite being warned off by the party’s lawyers not to do so. Mahathir posed a serious challenge to the senior Lim to take legal action against him if he so wished. But did Kit Siang ever take up that challenge?
If Mahathir desired, he could destroy the DAP with the snap of his fingers. But that would not serve to his interests, would it? I mean, he wants to ride on the party’s support, knowing well that PKR is being helmed by the wife of his arch nemesis, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Mahathir needs at least one party from Pakatan Harapan to be on his side to defeat Barisan Nasional during the next general election. He knows he can never count on Wan Azizah.
Anyway, by the time Mahathir issued that challenge to Kit Siang, he had long forged an alliance with the current Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali. According to the terms of their pact, Azmin was to work his way into office as Menteri Besar and later, wrest control of PKR by getting state reps to support him. Azmin somehow managed to wade his way into the good books of a certain go-between, a lawyer, who was and still is well connected with certain Palace officials. But that is something I will discuss at another time.
Langkah Kajang came and Langkah Kajang went. Azmin succeeded in realising Mahathir’s ambitions by becoming the Menteri Besar of Selangor. Almost a year later, a coup plot that Mahathir had so meticulously contrived with some Tan Sris fell flat on its face when Najib uncovered the conspiracy in the nick of time. Then, an August meeting decided that Najib and UMNO needed to be brought down by triggering the premature dissolution of Parliament.
Do you now understand why Kit Siang was all too eager to sever ties with PAS during the third quarter of last year? Right after the August meeting, Mahathir told the senior Lim to close the DAP’s door to PAS for good. So it is more than a coincidence that the very next day, on the 7th of August 2015, the senior Lim came out to declare that ‘Pakatan 2.0’ was in the works.
“When a new political party emerges from Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB) in a few weeks time, a new Pakatan Rakyat – whether Pakatan Baru, Pakatan 2.0 or whatever name – will be ready to carry the torch for a ‘Malaysia Baru’,” he said.
Till today, if you were to ask anyone, he or she would swear upon the mightiest of the mighty Gods that the senior Lim was referring to Pakatan Harapan, which, as we all know, is the culmination of a three way pact between the DAP, PKR and Parti Amanah Negara (PAN). However, that is as far from the truth as anyone could possibly get.
The truth is, Kit Siang was hinting at a Third Force. According to plans that were scripted during the August 2015 meeting, the Third Force is scheduled for launch this coming September. However, because Azmin has yet to wrest control of PKR from its president, Mahathir grudgingly rescheduled the launch date to November, which is just three months away.
Now, I hate to put you guys in suspense mode, but seriously, this article is getting way to long. So I’m going to put my pen down right here. Do stick around though. This story is far, far from over. Soon, we’re going to find out why a certain funder just yesterday pulled out from the conspiracy to trigger a snap election by March 2017, which caused Mahathir to shit in his pants.

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