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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Part 2 How Singapore Handles Extremists : Ismail Menke, Zakir Naik, Imran Hossein Banned From Singapore.

Not only was Zakir Naik the pro salafi psycho "given" three islands in Terengganu but he was also awarded the Ma'al Hijrah Award before. Why so? The reason is very simple : the locals are bodoh. Incredibly stupid. 

The other religious joker who is treated like royalty here is Mufti Ismail Menke from Zimbabwe. This is another  extremist in disguise. Again why is he so feted in Malaysia? Because the locals are bodoh. Incredibly stupid.

Folks, did you know that Zakir Naik, Ismail Menke, Imran Hossein, Bilal Phillips and others are banned from entering Singapore. 

You know why? Because the Singaporeans are not stupid. Depa bukan bodoh macam kita.  

Imran Hossein has been banned from entering Singapore since 2007 - NINE years ago.   In Malaysia mungkin tahun ini kita boleh bagi sebatang 'sungai' kepada Imran Hossein kut? Kita kan bodoh? Boleh lah bagi Sungai Kuyoh.

Anyway here is a news report from Singapore (11 Feb 2016) which says that Ismail Menke was banned from entering Singapore.   

 Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli.
Religion must be practised based on local context: Masagos
11 Feb 2016


SINGAPORE: Religion must be practised in context 
Muslim scholars here understand Singapore's context
said Minister for Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli
exclusive interview with Bicara, Masagos discussed terrorism 
as well as danger of preachers who impart divisive teachings. 

Q: Muslim community growing distant from others, a threat to Singapore. 
  • Masagos : Malay/Muslim community able to live together without conflict
  • But today, there are threats, especially ideology that influences young
  • to join IS, cause mischief, kill in their respective countries
  • concerned if young dont understand threats which may influence them easily
  • They might be influenced to violence, w'out u'standing we live with each other 

(This is where the pemimpin Singapura kurang melanc@p, they are much cleverer. They think ahead. They want to prevent the problem before it happens. They want to padam the satanic teachings before they can influence any young S'poreans.)

  • last two years, threats have become bigger 
  • violence in Paris, Jakarta
  • it could happen here
  • radical ideology able to sow seeds of violence 
  • manipulate minority to violence 
  • undermine harmony in Singapore

Q: Speaking of "seeds of violence", some now think it is wrong to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Deepavali", consider it un-Islamic. ..also believe it is wrong to recite National Pledge or sing National Anthem.
  • Masagos : Malay/Muslim community guided by local scholars.
  • Now influences through social media 
  • some of these influences disturbing
  • through guidance of local scholars, we know (what) is not right.
  • threats of radical ideologies through social media 
  • influenced some of our young people
  • we need local scholars to address them 
Q: How effective are our local religious scholars

Masagos : We produce our own scholars through our local madrasahs. This is important. If they come from foreign countries, even from Mecca or Medina, they may also carry contexts or cultures that may not be suitable for the life and needs of the Muslims here.
  • Religion must have its contexts 
  • our scholars from local madrasahs understand our context.
  • highly value harmony with other people
  • we have to respect the rights of others 

Q: S'pore Govt firmly stated it would ban foreign missionaries
  • Masagos : this is long-standing practice 
  • applies to anyone who rakes up issues which can cause unhappiness 
  • We have been able to eradicate and prevent all this.
So, if anyone says wonderful things while in Singapore but in their own country or through social media, they say things that can sow the seeds of terrorism or intolerance towards other religions, including forbidding "Merry Christmas" greetings and so on - this is very dangerous.

Q: We would like to get a full clarification from you as a Cabinet Minister. ..Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe, has been banned in Singapore because of - among others - his opinion that Muslims should not wish others "Merry Christmas" ..he is not allowed to preach in this country. What is your response? 

  • Masagos : when we wish others "Merry Christmas", we know that we are not Christians and will not become Christians by saying "Merry Christmas".
  • we do not need opinions which are not only contrary to what we uphold but can also create a situation that is not harmonious. 

My comments :    Ismail Menke was preaching 'love and peace' while he was in Singapore but showing his true salafi colours outside Singapore.   Ismail Menke did not realise that everything you say in public or in private (anywhere in the world) can get posted on Facebook or appear on YouTube. 

The Singaporeans monitor these religious speakers very carefully. I have some other information why Ismail Menke was banned from Singapore. It was not just the Merry Christmas issue.  Folks say that among his circle Ismail Menke does not preach as much luvvy duvvy stuff as he does when the television cameras are turned on.  Perhaps a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Or worse, a werefwolf infection.

The long and the short of it is Singapore is a really "Islamic" country meaning they are what all Islamic countries aspire to be. Clean, efficient, prosperous, peaceful, and harmonius.  Considering all the satans that inhabit the world it takes constant effort to manage their country well.

I have been saying from the 1990s that we should stop foreign religious preachers from entering our country.

I have been saying for years now stop sending our young students, especially the religious students, from going to Allah forsaken desert sh*tholes to pursue their studies. Any studies. Especially religious studies. They will become completely confused and twisted.

Ismail Menke (and Zakir Naik) say that if you wish Merry Christmas to the Christians you are acknowledging that "Jesus is the son of god" when the Quran says clearly "do not say that Jesus is the son of god".

Yes the Quran does say "do not say that Jesus is the son of god'. No Muslim will say or believe that Jesus is the son of god.  

But all Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet. And Muslims do celebrate the birthdays of the prophets. 

In Malaysia,  Maulidur Rasul (the birthday of the Prophet)  is even a public holiday.

The Christians say that the birthday of Jesus was 25th December.  They are celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is a birthday celebration.

In Christianity there have been (or still are) christians who say 

i.   Jesus was son of god
ii.  Jesus was not the son of god
iii.  who believe in the trinity
iv.  who do not believe in the trinity (unitarians??)

Here is the Wikipedia :

"Unitarianism is historically a Christian theological movement named for the affirmation that God is one entity, in direct contrast to Trinitarianism, which defines God as three persons in one being.."

(More than this will cause theological debates.) 

Yet they all believe that Jesus birthday was 25 December (I think ..)

So is it ok to wish Merry Xmas to Unitarian christians? Meaning those christians who do not or did not believe in the trinity? 

Christmas (25th December) is Jesus Birthday.  If you wish to argue perhaps you can argue about the date. Was Jesus really born on 25th December? But surely everyone has a birthday?

Here is a digression :

When was the prophet born?  Answer : 12th Rabbiul Awwal.
When did the prophet die? Answer : 12th Rabbiul Awwal.
When was the first mosque built (Masjid Quba)? Answer : 12th Rabbiul Awwal.
When was the prophet's entry into Medina? Answer :12th Rabbiul Awwal.
When was the first Friday prayer in Medina? Answer : 12th Rabbiul Awwal.

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