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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Malaysian hypocrisy

The inauguration of President Donald Trump in the United States and a few local events in Malaysia saw the ugly nature of fellow humans.
Being elected as the president, Trump signed the executive order to tighten the country's immigration policy and as a result, a temporary ban comes into force, for at least three months, on people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the US.
Trump claims this is is to enhance national security.
Meanwhile, in Malaysia, some upstart political party had been pushing for an Islamic government, even though this goes against the Malaysian Constitution. The same political party even urged support for the infamous Rohingya, seeking support of Islamic law.
About which I see no problem, as it being their religion... But wait! They have forgotten the territory dispute in their backyard with the indigenous Temiar people. Smell the hypocrisy?
No? Well, President Trump has been pushing for a pro-Christian policy (although he doesn’t mention it), if you can’t see the trend. This trend has been lost for decades.
Let me put it this way: If Abdul Hadi Awang can push for pro-Islam strategies, why not Trump for pro-Christian? Are you a hypocrite?
Why can Malaysia cut diplomatic ties with Israel and not with America? Hypocrisy?
Where were you when Barack Obama issued the ban on Iraqis in 2011? Where were you when the Kelantanese government 'oppressed' the Temiar people? Where were you when Chinese were tolld to "balik tongsan"? Hypocrites.
Well, America has been plagued by those who abandoned religious values and deprecating God and all His works, exploiting the freedom granted by the American constitution to further discredit God and His faithfuls.
Which is why you see the mainstream media being so secular towards one religion and at the same time, showing concern about other religions.
Thus it is wise for people to seek wisdom to analyse worldly events - and to think before they accept everything from the media.
Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays.- Mkini

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