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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Use past huge profits to avoid layoffs, employers advised

Labour union leader appeals to employers to hire local workers instead of migrants, and keep factories running for the good of the economy.
PETALING JAYA: A top union leader has cautioned employers against using the excuse of “supposed economic problems” to justify laying off workers, The Sun reported today.
MTUC secretary-general J Solomon said some employers may take advantage of the current economic situation to lay-off workers despite being in good standing based on the financial reserves carried forward from previous years.
“Many employers had made huge profits during the good times and its now time that they start repaying their workers to help them survive this economic hardship.
“These employers should stop creating this supposed economic problem because their actions are jeopardising the country’s economy,” Solomon was quoted as saying.
He added that some employers are also closing down factories citing the difficulty in getting foreign workers.
Calling for the hiring of more locals, Solomon said such dependence on foreign labour should stop.
“The time has come for employers to stop relying on foreign labour. There are local workers who are willing to work but they must be paid a fair living wage,” he told The Sun. -FMT

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