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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Umno good at making a non-issue an issue

YOURSAY | ‘Why is PM’s aide so opposed (to DAP’s ‘DPM ambition’)? Would he rather have a kleptocrat?’
P Dev Anand Pillai: We are not interested in positions, we are interested in a clean, trustworthy, efficient, non-discriminatory, non-racial government.
Religion should never be interlaced with governance. Is there any Malay out there who can provide the necessary leadership?
So, let's cut the crap and come to the point, is there a Malay out there who can be trusted to lead this country well? That should be the question.
Quigonbond: Umno is very good at making a non-issue an issue.
DAP leader Lim Kit Siang is a giant in Malaysian politics. And in the last general election, Pakatan Rakyat won more popular votes than the ruling BN coalition. What would be so wrong if he becomes deputy prime minister (DPM)?
This man has served Malaysians in most of his adult life fighting for justice, fairness and progressiveness.
He's amongst the first who has a blog and he is still active at it after so many years, where there is rarely a respite from posting new informative, substantially objective articles.
He may not be extremely polished but he speaks from his heart. Take away his skin colour and no one will hesitate in making him a DPM.
Proarte: It is the ambition of every party leader to be prime minister. If you believe in your vision or policies, the only way to put it into practice is to have executive power. The PM’s post offers the greatest opportunity to do so by powers vested therein.
Malays should ask themselves whether they would prefer a corrupt Muslim Malay leader who is destroying the nation, as opposed to an upright non-Muslim leader.
The logical and correct answer to that question will render the question as to whether Kit Siang has ambitions to the post of the ‘lowly’ position of DPM pointless.
My Opinion: Yes, what's wrong with eyeing on the DPM’s post? Kit Siang has been in the political arena for so long. He deserves it.
But I know him, he is not gunning for position or money. All he wants is to be able to influence the path for a better Malaysia for everybody - a country not ruled by racism.
It is only the BN that uses racist politics to put fear into the Malays. Fortunately, many Malays are no longer easily fooled by Umno.
Thirdeye: It's no big deal if a suitable leader from DAP, MCA, MIC or Gerakan aspires to be a deputy PM. Only racist politicians see this as a big issue.
The only worry is that this non-Malay deputy PM would become a decorative piece in the cabinet.
Abasir: I can understand the anxiety of the PM’s aide Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad at not really knowing whether someone like Kit Siang is harbouring designs for the post of DPM.
With Allah's Chosen One doing everything he can to transform the country from being a mere kleptocracy to a ‘failed state’, it can be certainly disconcerting for someone like him if a Kit Siang comes along to upset the Chosen One's mission, purge the evil and save the country.
So yes, "Lim needs to come clean on this, as it is the right of Malaysians to know who they will be" saved by.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Tengku Sariffuddin, you cannot be more childish and clownish than this, asking Kit Siang to confess his DPM dream.
Everyone in this country dreams of becoming one. Moreover, is it a sin or crime to dream of becoming DPM?
As such, this is not an issue. The issue at hand is Najib's confession regarding his source of the billions in his bank account. Yes, your boss’s confession is critical to the performance of the country's economy.
Right now, due to his irresponsibility of hiding the real reasons of the money, investors are pulling out of the country.
Please do us a favour. Ask Najib to come clean on this issue, which is adversely affecting everyone in the country, instead of harping on this trivial issue of someone's dream of becoming DPM.
Hmmmmmmmm:Tengku Sariffuddin, why don't you ask our national football team to come clean on whether they dream of becoming a world champion? Your very question smacks of ill motives and maybe even racism.
The Analyser: It’s my opinion that Kit Siang's dreams have already turned into his worst nightmares. He has so clumsily managed the politicking of the DAP that he now has to face the reality of having to support BN or disappear completely.
All you can do now is save face, although that appears to be an almost impossible task seeing how politically inept and incompetent you have been.
You will go down in history as the man who almost single-handedly destroyed Malaysia's chances of overturning BN, for at least another eight years
Analyser My Foot: Malaysia will never attain its heights when the top posts are not given to capable people but based on one’s colour and religion.
Malaysians applauded when Barack Obama became US president. Well, that's America, it’s not Malaysia. What double standards.
RCZ: Firstly, it is none of the PM aide's business. Secondly, why is this aide so opposed to a qualified Malaysian being in leadership? Would he rather have a thief and kleptocrat?
He should answer as the people demand to know this aide’s views on who should lead the country.

NNFC: Indeed, there is no issue as to who should be DPM, no matter which race. Malaysians just want an honest leader. That's difficult to find where Tengku Sariffuddin comes from.- Mkini

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