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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Anwar upset over media reports of him being ‘obsessed’ with becoming PM

PKR president and Port Dickson MP Anwar Ibrahim stir-frying koay teow at a Hari Raya open house in Kedah yesterday. (Twitter pic)
GEORGE TOWN: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said he is not “obsessed” about becoming the prime minister, as portrayed in the media every other day.
He is also upset that his assurances have failed to put an end to the “Mahathir and Anwar” news cycle.
He said from the get-go, Pakatan Harapan has been steadfast on the matter of the eventual power transition from Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to him.
Anwar reiterated that Mahathir would continue to enjoy PH’s support.
“I am sometimes offended by the continuous reports on Dr Mahathir and myself.
“I am not obsessed, because if it is fated, then it will definitely happen.
“The mandate (to be prime minister) will only be effective if that is what the majority of the people in the country want,” he said at the opening of Wisma Keadilan in Bayan Baru here today.
He said it was also wrong to assume that he was at odds with Mahathir on the transition of power.
Anwar said he did not rule out the possibility that people around him and Mahathir were “trying to disturb or shake up” the elder statesman’s administration.
“People should not disturb him. Mahathir ought to be given space to administer the country well.
“He has to navigate Malaysia through tough times. There is no reason to dispute my sincerity in this,” he said.
Anwar also said differences of opinion in Pakatan Harapan are not an indicator that something is wrong with the coalition.
“There are differences of opinion, I do not deny that. But they sometimes forget that differences of opinion are reflective of a healthy democracy.
“We must allow space for people with differing opinions to voice out and provide an outlet for them to express their criticisms.
“But once we have reached a consensus on something, we have to abide by the rules and discipline of the party.” - FMT

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