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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Umno can battle 'cruel' Harapan like it once fought the Communists - Najib

Former prime minister Najib Razak believes that if Umno could fight and defeat the Communists during the decades-long insurgency, the Malay party could also rise and fight the "cruel" Pakatan Harapan government today. 
Speaking at the Gombak Umno division annual general meeting today, he urged the party grassroots not to let him fight the battle all by himself.
"We must dare to fight... we are not a party that has sunk into history," he said.
He added that the ancestors of the party fought the British colonial government and later fought the Communists.
Unlike those who were defeated because they fought in small groups, Najib said Umno fought in unity with other partners which led to its victory against the Communists. 
"Today, shouldn't we be ready and fight? Fight and don't be afraid. Look at history," he said.
"Don't let me (fight the battle) all by myself. Fight," he said.
Gombak Umno is the third division that has invited Najib to launch its AGM after Jeli Umno and Parit Sulong Umno divisions.
A total of 191 Umno divisions will hold its AGM between June 15 and Aug 15.
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  1. Fight your corruption cases holeheartedly or else you will end up in Sg Buloh. Very likely you will end up there.


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