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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Segari residents want authorities to act on drain water pollution

Residents at Kampung Batu 10, Segari want the authorities to resolve the problem of pollution of drain water, which they claim is not only giving off a foul smell, but also causing skin irritation.
Zabidi Said, 63, said residents have had to bear with the problem for four months, and that the situation is made worse with the swarming of flies into the village, a problem that has lasted for decades.
The water pollution and fly problems are affecting residents' lives, he said, adding that farmers are the worst affected as most depend on water from drains for pesticide application in their farms.
He said the water in the drain was clean and clear before.
"Now, I have to carry water from the house, which is quite a distance away, to do that, and at the same time, have to deal with the invasion of flies,” he said when met by reporters during a media visit to the village.
Zabidi said the drain water is filthy and smelly and believed it is caused by poultry farmers cleaning their chicken coops.
According to him, poultry farmers are now using a new system to address the fly problem, but have created another problem in doing so.
He hoped the authorities would address the matter soon and not wait until the situation worsened.
Another resident, Pazaer Senawi, 65, who stays at the Sungai Gelam estuary, said the river water smells of chicken dung, especially during low tide.

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