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Monday, November 20, 2023

YOURSAY | MIC should get its priorities right

YOURSAY | ‘Go help your own members first and clean up party affairs.’

MIC passes resolution, backing royal pardon for Najib

Saravanan: MIC will take action if no due respect from PM’s govt

OCT: Nowadays it seems resolutions, protests, demonstrations, and shouting will generate fear in the government or make heads of countries listen and act upon their demands.

However, no government has ever listened to these silly and irrational demands. These people are asking the impossible and devoid of understanding of the rule of law.

There is practically zero chance for a has-been party to demand anything from the government. It is wishful thinking.

A has-been party that has not done anything for its party members wants to help another party’s convicted member who is now imprisoned to be free/pardoned.

MIC deputy president M Saravanan is not the right person to lead his party. Get real.

Go help your own members first and clean up your party’s affairs before being a busybody with issues that don’t concern your party.

Monty: The only reason why MIC still exists despite the beating they took at every election is because of the assets and funding they accumulated during the reign of that other party - Umno.

Together with MCA, these parties have shamelessly made corruption part of their political manifesto. The country has still not recovered from those decades of corruption.

People ask why is Singapore so much more progressive and developed than their older brother here.

Instead of asking for a politician who has been convicted of stealing billions of ringgit and giving their own party leaders a free pass, MIC members should remove their top leadership in the next party election.

Likewise, Umno members should ask themselves the same questions.

All over the world, refugees flee from corrupt governments whose leaders have stolen and stashed their billions in developed countries.

Unless the evils of corruption are recognised, Malaysians will soon be counted among the refugees seeking a better life in the West.

GanMu: All Malaysians and the whole world know that former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption in relation to the SRC International case.

Here, we have MIC, a representative party of Indians, passing a resolution backing a royal pardon for Najib.

There are so many prisoners languishing in prison and waiting in line for a pardon, Indians included. Yet, its focus is only on Najib.

Najib is a prisoner, just like his fellow prisoners, and therefore does not deserve special dispensation.

He has to follow the due process of the pardon and wait for his turn. Hence, my question to MIC is, why has this become such an important issue?

To me, this may become its nemesis and may result in MIC becoming completely irrelevant to Indians.

Why fight for causes not relevant to MIC? It should pass resolutions seeking the government’s strong support to ensure Indians are not continuously marginalised and demand a fair share of the economic pie.

It should ask Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to devote his passion and time to Indians under the Madani concept of social justice.

It should stress that it is the government’s duty to take care of its citizens and that uplifting Indians should be its primary focus.

Speaking Sense: No wonder MIC is no longer relevant. The country is in the throes of elements out to destroy the fabric of society and all they can do is pass a resolution to pardon the most disgraceful prime minister in the history of this country.

You do the crime, you do the time. Although, we all know there’s also another candidate who’s trying very hard to get this questionable title at the moment.

Appum: What a joke for MIC to have such thick skin to pass such resolutions for a criminal who has caused so much damage to this country in name and fame.

MIC did not even dare to mention the heist that was done to the nation and that future generations will also have to bear the burden.

Are these real politicians, real leaders of a nation, real thinking species of humankind?

If such a person can be pardoned, then all those thieves and crooks in our prisons today, who can never measure up to this huge crime in size and criminal thought, should be pardoned as well.

MIC, even though you are not so “strong” in our political arena now, you still have intelligent members who follow you.

Most of all, you still carry some honour and dignity as humans, can you just brush aside all these and pass the most disgraceful resolutions, just for political mileage, survival, and slave-like behaviour?

MerdekaMerdekaMerdeka: Firstly, why are you calling on Anwar to bring the matter of pardoning Najib to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong?

That’s not what he’s paid to do as the prime minister.

“As a token of appreciation, MIC today presents a resolution requesting the government to grant a royal pardon to Najib promptly.”

Secondly, just what do you fellas mean by “requesting the government to grant a royal pardon”?

Semi Value: The Malaysian Indians have neglected MIC since 2008. In the 14th and 15th general elections, MIC was just left with one seat in Tapah, Ipoh.

In GE15, no Indian voted for MIC and, luckily enough for BN, it joined the coalition government.

Even Saravanan signed a statutory declaration to support Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin to be prime minister before it was thwarted by BN chairperson Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

With all this, MIC, through Saravanan, had the guts to warn the unity government to validate the party.

What resolutions have MIC passed for the Indian community except getting Najib to be released and that no one should contest the president and deputy president posts?

Such a useless party. - Mkini

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