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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Don't assume, wait for pensions review to finish - Dzulkefly


PARLIAMENT | Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad has called for a halt in negative presumptions towards the government’s proposal to abolish pension schemes for civil servants.

The minister told the lower house to wait for the results following the government’s review of the public service remuneration scheme to introduce a new policy of non-pensionable permanent employment.

“The full review and the impacts of the public service remuneration scheme has yet to be announced and is something we should wait for.

“This is so we can have a true (understanding) before making presumptions or negative assumptions.

“We have yet to hear what (is included in) the (new) scheme, which may be better or on par with pensions,” he said, reiterating that the government was still carrying out its review.

Dzulkefly (above) was responding to an additional question by Alias Razak (PN-Kuala Nerus) who asked about the government’s justifications behind abolishing the said pension scheme.

Alias added that the government should consider the impacts that could result from the move where graduates in critical sectors, such as health, safety, and education, could opt to work in the private sector instead.

Earlier, the minister told the lower house that the starting salary of medical officers in Grade ED41 was the highest among all public service schemes, at RM5,197.

The minister said that a motivating factor for medical graduates to work in public healthcare included the Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan (HLP) to specialise through the parallel pathway.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said in January that the proposal of non-pensionable permanent employment for the civil service was awaiting cabinet approval before being brought to Parliament.

Anwar had said that any decision following the review would also apply to politicians and political appointees.

However, existing civil servants and politicians who are eligible for pensions will not be affected.

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