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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Islam should not be used as a political pawn

J D Lovrenciear

It is really very sad to witness how almost on a daily dose the citizenry is fed with news of how Islam is made out to be a political pawn.

Let us take a reflective audit of some of the visible symptoms of how Islam is being tarnished, disgraced and made into a political pawn for man’s greed:

• Despite the fact that Islam was shared with Malayans so long ago – long before independence, how far have we gone in sharing it with the 27 million population today?

• Why is Islam been strictly associated with ‘Malay’ and ‘Bumiputra’? Is Islam a race reader?

• Why do all those muslims leading a mixed congregation – be it in school assemblies, social gatherings, or conferences and what have you, always choose to acknowledge their fellow faithful first? Is Islam not known, since the times of the Prophet (Peace be upon Him), to be a religion that is inclusive? Is Islam not for the whole world?Is Islam not beyond race?

• Why is it that politicians never fail to use Islam to further their power-grabbing agenda? Is Islam a political weapon of sorts? Should Islam not be a gift to all mankind?

• We loudly proclaim to the world that Islam is our state religion. But why are we battling with so much of corruption even within the halllways of those whom we have chosen or resigned to accept as our masters? Surely it is not all that difficult to follow the teachings of Islam as enshrined in the Holy Book - at least when it comes to honesty, integrity, leaderhip by example, etc.?

In the final analysis, the muslims are not working in unison to propagate, share and grow the Islam here in this country. Leadership by example is a far cry. Divide, segregate and rule is the preferred mantra. Is this not against the very grain of Islam's call?

But take a look at the few and rare leaders like the Spiritual Leader Tok Guru. He not only leads the muslims by example but continuously inspires the non muslims to respect Islam. Why are all other politicians unable to do likewise? Or if thy cannot, can they also not leave Islam alone and with the virtous to deal with?

Well even if we are not privileged to have an oversupply of exemplary leaders, the least is we should immediately stop making Islam a pawn for personal greed; a slave of politics; a prison for citizenry for Islam is not any of these.

Please do what ever needs to be done so that all Malaysians can stand up and respect and receive the goodness of Islam. Or at the least admire the greatness of God’s gift to mankind even if they choose to remain ardent followers of their respective faiths.

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