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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makkal sakthi or what not, Indians will not be fooled

by Dr Ravichandran (Malaysiakini)

It was the 'makkal sakthi' awakening and the civil society's overwhelming contribution that made March 08 a reality for Pakatan. Not denying their efforts but the win was definitely to their disbelief.

The later events of Hindraf's destruction to pieces were sheer disappointment or rather a stab in back for the Indians. Since the Pakatan take over it's been a tussle between the two sides of political arena, in an area of limited Indian issues hence forgetting or simply evading the many issues that Hindraf had once put forward.

British masters used the different peoples of Malaya for different purpose, some collaborated with them to pave their way into the heartland of Malaya, some simply wanted them in for their changing lifestyle; yes, money was the game even then.

However for most Indians it was pure indented labour for the British to reap the benefits of the land, denying the fact that Indians helped create the most important commodity for the future Malaysia's success and survival.

British masters always had someone doing the dirty job for them; as for the Indians they had a small group of Indians to control the bigger. Somehow the Indians from those days were appeased simply by the protection of the Tamil language and ironically toddy shops!.

However Indians did find a brief taste of freedom in new Malaya or Malaysia, however though it seemed like they were relieved of the oppression of the estates they were actually displaced to urban slums.

Struggling Indians found their success even then as education was by merit and there were government jobs. Like slumdog millionaires (the movie) it was survival of the fittest and the luckiest.

Futhermore they did well in education and managed to climb up the economic ladder. For all these hopes they always fell back to their religion and ancestral respect by maintaining the many places of worship that had given their ancestors courage during the time when the British masters forced them to clear the jungle to create townships.

Till today most others have been reaping the benefits of Malaysia's economic wealth without a single thought or sense of gratitude for this historic Indian contribution to nation building. Indians and the rest of the other communities found and maintained good friendships along the way and they were together in the politics of this country.

The free will was however short lived as the British master's cancer started creeping into the soul of the politicians. Indians needed to be marginalised, again with small group Indians doing the dirty job of their masters or simply closing one eye towards the calculated and slow measures that brought about marginalisation while camouflaging with it with the Tamil agenda; not to mention also the protection of toddy shops and further helped by samsu haram and “not haram”.

Unlike their British masters this new breed of masters found the other area Indians could be manipulated or distracted while they continuously marginalised them. Yes, religion and the place of worship that even the cruel British displayed some sensitivity in handling, which for the new masters and their subordinates has been the greatest playing field.

They plan the destruction and they come to save them in the nick of time, the sentiment which for common Indians will bring them down to their knees…. These deceitful tactics have been like a political mantra to all future politicians, while the Indians started losing their government jobs, their chance for higher education, their oppression in many ways in business ventures, leaving only a handful that managed. And the Indians slowly lost whole lots of other things that Hindraf has pointed out

Then the makkal sakthi awakening of 2008…then what changed after that?

The cancer spread into 'makkal sakthi' with similar modus operandi; the shattered movement has killed the enthusiasm of the majority Indians and they are slowly falling prey again to their political masters.

Now the gullible politicians on both ends are working on the same module that has ruled over the Indians for decades. Yes, back to issues of Tamil schools, temples and nobody give a damn about minority protection.

Oh God!!! Politics will change the man and not otherwise; this is strongly proven in the Malaysian scenario. And now there is a 'third force' hovering over the horizon……is there yet hope for Indians in Malaysia?

Will the politician ever walk the talk? Will there be a ministerial post specifically for minority protection and sensitive issues? Will any right minded politician take the lead? If there is, then it's time again for the majority Indians to awaken and to make a point, “DON'T TAKE INDIANS FOR A RIDE” no matter what you call yourselves. We know!!!!

The writer is chairman of Malaysia Hindu Sangam of Penang.

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