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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bastard, 'pondan', 'bapok' and no 'telur': The measure of Youth talent in Umno

Bastard, 'pondan', 'bapok' and no 'telur': The measure of Youth talent in Umno

The BN media and spin-meisters must surely feel like fools. Just last weekend, they rushed out to slam Umno's arch rival PKR for being a party devoid of issues and able only to slam the BN.

Some PKR Youth delegates even went to so far as to soul-search in public, voicing their concerns about their party's ability to grow and press on with the struggle for justice in Malaysia. They needn't haven't worried.

As for the Umno media, despite all their coordinated efforts to do a hatchet job on the PKR, they have once again been exposed to be purveyors of anything but the truth.

'Tin kosong' when it comes to the crunch

At the much-watched 2011 Umno annual assembly on Wednesday, Malaysians were treated to a preview of the party's potential leaders and prime-ministers-in-waiting. They were not disappointed.

As expected, Umno Youth failed miserably when it came to the crunch, confirming accusations that few Malaysians with any worthwhile talent would wish to join such a party, from which groups like Perkasa and corruption-tainted leaders including Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin, Shahrizat Jalil and Umno president himself, Najib Razak, have sprung.

Puffing themselves up with the fire and brimstone that they imagined was the 'groovy' hallmark in keeping with a youth movement, although many Umno Youth leaders are themselves already grandfathers with huge paunches and balding hairlines, they took turns to attack the Pakatan Rakyat, led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Talent vacuum

And the language they used? Why the very crudest, of course - as befitting a party that critics say will have no qualms about resorting to massive cheating in a bid to cling to power at the next general election, widely expected to be held early next year.

“PKR and PAS are bapok (transvestites) and pondan (sissy) as these days they have no power to challenge DAP. A vote for DAP is a vote for the destruction of Islam,” said Shaik Hussein Mydin, the Penang Umno Youth chief, to loud applause and shouts of “PKR, PAS tak ada telur!” (PKR, PAS have no balls!)

Apart from witch-hunting the DAP and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, they also accused the Pakatan of systematically eroding the rights of Malays in states like Penang and Kedah.

Shaik claimed that PKR and PAS would be unable to stop DAP from bullying the Malays and Islam should the Pakatan come to power.

He accused DAP of being anti-Islam and anti-Malay and that Malay food stalls had been demolished and Malay businesses negatively affected since the Pakatan took over the state. He reiterated DAP were out to spread Christianity at the expense of Islam.

“Under DAP, Malays have become their ‘baruas’. I won’t mince my words, because I mean what I say. Anyone who supports DAP is a ‘bangsat’ (bastard),” said Shaik Hussin

“This is the sad reality of Penang. Umno has to redouble its efforts here!”

Khairy's weak hand on Umno Youth

Perak Umno state youth chief Khairul Azwan also attacked DAP MP for Taiping Nga Kor Ming for describing Umno Mentri Besar Zambry Kadir as a 'metallic black' chief minister.

“DAP is racist. Racist! If they say the Perak Mentri Besar is a ‘black metallic haramjadah’, then DAP is the mother and father of all ‘haramjadah’,” Khairul said.

Kor Ming has since apologized to the Indian community including Zambry, while Christians have already begun questioning why BN MPs were keeping quiet at the way Umno members were discrediting their religion, as if Christianity was a "dirty word".

"Now Malaysians can see and judge for themselves and those who have been biased against the Pakatan and insisting that we cannot govern, should have no problem in seeing the true picture for themselves," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

"Umno has been facing a talent vacuum for decades and for sure, those who have a modicum of talent are already jumping ship to the Pakatan. Nobody in their right minds would want to join such a pirate ship like Umno. It confirms that Umno is in its death throes with members unable or not capable enough to save it. It is also a reflection of (Youth Chief) Khairy Jamaluddin's weak hold on his wing."

Malaysia Chronicle

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