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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DPM: Defend the political power of the Malays (with excerpts from speech)

DPM: Defend the political power of the Malays (with excerpts from speech)

KUALA LUMPUR - Umno has reaffirmed that it is still a party that champions the Malays and as such it is important that the Malay political power be protected especially from attacks by the opposition who tried to create the perception that Umno is no longer capable of doing so.

Stressing the points in serious tone, Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Umno had never surrendered to the pressure by the opposition parties which intended to "weaken every aspect of Umno's struggle to champion the Malay cause."

He said the Malays were getting increasingly uneasy following the large number of slanders levelled against Umno.

"Even in the crazy days of slander, our number one leader was not spared from by slanderous sparks. Even while performing the haj, he was distracted by slander factories working overtime to unleash the slanderous sparkles," Muhyiddin said when opening the simultaneous general assembly of the Umno Wanita, Youth and Puteri movements at the Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre here Tuesday night.

He said Umno had recovered from the political tsunami of 2008, which had caused great concern among the Malays regarding their future, by taking a balance and wise approach so that the Malaysia remain strong while Islam was empowered.

While the Malays were troubled over their progress in the economic sector, Muhyiddin said the Barisan Nasional government led by Umno had unapologetically created the Bumiputera Agenda Supreme Council, the Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (Teraju), the Bumiputera Economic Transformation Programme, and the Rural Transformation Programme.

"All these are the continuation of efforts implemented by Umno all this while in the struggle to enhance the economic status of the Bumiputera," said Muhyiddin, who is also the deputy prime minister.

He said Umno leaders were also steadfast in defending the rights of the Malay and Bumiputera students who were qualified to receive scholarships and other educational subsidies from the government.

"And recently, we set up the Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera to assist Bumiputera students in getting education funding. With a fund of RM500 million, we target 12,000 Malay and Bumiputera students to benefit from the foundation in the next five years," said Muhyiddin, who is also the education minister.

Muhyiddin subsequently criticised the opposition parties, describing the DAP as the most racist party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) as a ultraliberal party without moral consideration while PAS was willing to drop the struggle for an Islamic nation purely to avoid being criticised by the DAP.

"Now, we hear the DAP is actively trying to woo the Malays to join the party. They are offered positions in the party and promised to be selected as the party's candidates in the next general election," he added.

He described Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) as being in critical situation because almost all the founders of the party had left and supported Umno.

On PAS, Muhyiddin said the party, which was deeply committed on its agenda to set up an Islamic nation previously, had now forgotten this objective in its political dictionary.

He said for PAS, which was facing a new political landscape, the support of the DAP and PKR was more important that its principle to champion its own cause.

Excerpts Of Muhyiddin's Speech

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 (Bernama) -- Herewith are excerpts of the speech by Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Umno president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin entitled "Championing the Nation's Survival: A Jihad" when he simultaneously launched the general assemblies of the party's Wanita, Puteri and Youth wings at the Putra World Trade Centre here today.

** Indeed, the Malay expectations of Umno are very high. As a party built on a strong resolve, Umno shoulders a heavy responsibility in defending the sanctity of the religion, dignity of the race and sovereignty of the country. Umno shoulders a million hopes and aspirations of the Malays, who want to see the Malays to be dignified, supreme and independent.

** All slanders against Umno are like fire destroying every bit of deeds contributed by Umno. Even in the crazy days of slander, our number one leader was not spared from by slanderous sparks. Even while performing the haj, he was distracted by slander factories working overtime to unleash the slanderous sparkles. To the honorable president, do not fret, do not be nervous, do not be depressed, do not fear. Continue the fight. Let's climb the mountain, let's descend the valley, let's swim the ocean together. La takhaf wa la tahzan innallaha ma'ana (Do not be afraid and neither should you be sad for Allah is certainly with us).

** In fact, the sparkles of slander that are being hurled and being spread widely are stoking sentiments of hatred. The objective of the malicious slanderers is very clear, that is to erode public confidence in the capability of the top Umno leadership and to destroy the dreams of the Malays for Umno. Their intention is nothing more than just to wrest political power.

** Subsequently, the Malays are asking, can the Malay political power be sustained if the opposition continue to make relentless attacks on Malay institutions? Can Umno continue to champion the rights of the Malays? Can Umno continue to fulfill the aspirations of the Malays? Or will Umno continue to be trapped in the political psychology of the 2008 post-tsunami which is causing concern among the Malays?

** Actually, the answers to these questions lie with us all. As Umno members, as Umno leaders, we are tasked with the heavy responsibility of continuing the Umno struggle in the interest of religion, race and country.

** The fact is, Umno has recovered from the crash of the 2008 tsunami. We have never relented to the political onslaughts of the opposition who intend to destroy each and every struggle by Umno to champion the cause of the Malays.

** Umno is certainly aware that to maintain stability, peace and harmony in the country, the reality of the political landscape of the multi-racial country must be preserved. Let us not sow the seeds of hatred between the races. Let us not throw insults against the religious beliefs of the other races. Let us not be prejudiced against the other cultures.

** The candidates are the party's weapons for victory. Let us give our full confidence to the top leadership to decide on this matter. What is important is that is that our candidates must be of calibre, knowledgeable, of high integrity, people-oriented, clean, sincere, trustworthy, of high morals and acceptable to the people. Let us accept the decision of the top leadership. Give our solid support to all our candidates. Mobilise our machinery to assist them.

** Let us defend the party with all our resources. Let us not retreat from the battle ground. Never surrender in the face of battle. Let us not bring shame to the party.

** Don't ever sabotage. Don't ever boycott. Let us avoid infighting. Don't drown our candidates. Do not shut down the operations room. Don't leave the country. Don't stab your friends. Don't ever do anything that can jeopardise the party's chances of winning in the election. Remember that, the election is a do-or-die battle. Remember that winning the election is not a personal victory but a victory for the party.

** As an organisation, Umno is not spared from any shortcomings and weaknesses. Umno is not an angel. We are appreciative and alert. We always strive to carry out changes and improve the weaknesses without sacrificing the principles of our struggle.

** In this struggle, Umno cannot be alone. Let us call upon all the Malays to join us in our struggle.

** The war drums have been sounded. We have planned our strategy. Let us rise! Let us fight! Go to all the 222 parliamentary constituencies and 576 state legislative assembly constituencies and 7,470 district polling centres. Don't leave out anything. We should not forget anything in our struggle. Woo every voter in every area. Remember, even one vote can decide our victory.

** Pay attention to the problems of the people. Feel their pulse. Listen to their woes and problems. Provide assistance to them. We are the eyes, ears and voice of the people. Of utmost importance, we must be responsible. We must discharge our moral responsibility as Umno warriors to assist the people.


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