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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nga tells his side of the story: Apologizes and vows to soldier on

Nga tells his side of the story: Apologizes and vows to soldier on

First, ever since the illegal power grab of Perak in February, 2009, Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Perak had launched a campaign with the main theme known as “1 Black Perak” to express the people’s anger and frustration over the unlawful conduct by the Barisan Nasional to form government without mandate from the people.

As I always believe, the only legitimate government in the world is the : “ Government from the people, by the people and for the people.” Anything fall short of that shall not be legitimate and must be chastised.

In that context, I said that : “ Kini negeri Perak ada Menteri Besar Hitam Metalic yang haram dan masuk ke pejabat SUK menerusi pintu belakang menaiki kapal selam Najib.” In absolutely no circumstances that my speech was referred to skin colour or Indian race as it simply means the Menteri Besar is illegal and the state government is unlawful.

However, my speech was taken out of context, spinned and distorted by the BN cyber trooper coupled with some irresponsible media which play up the issue to inflame racial sentiments which is most regretted.

I wish to maintain that I am a Malaysian. All Malaysians are my brothers and sisters including Dato Seri Zamry bin Abdul Kadir. I have no hatred against him personally but I will never recognize him as Menteri Besar simply he did not have the mandate from the Rakyat.

I have always cherished our country’s diversity and I believe diversity is our strength and all races must be united for our nation to march forward.

To all who feel offended by my abovesaid remarks, I wish to say sorry and apologize to them including Dato Seri Dr Zamry bin Abdul Kadir, but I will continue to fight any form of undemocratic regime in this country.

It must be emphasized that the above apology should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the illegal power grab by Barisan Nasional which all Malaysians must oppose and must never forget.

I will continue to soldier on.

YB Nga Kor Ming

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