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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Khairy: From rhetoric to delivering solutions

Umno Youth has transformed itself from a pressure group to one involved in “solutions-driven politics”, according to its head Khairy Jamaluddin.

Under the current leadership, he said, the wing has been given a new look, new branding, new substance.

NONE"Umno Youth was once considered a pressure group that spoke for the community or was merely complementary to the party leadership,” he said in addressing the annual general meeting of the wing in Kuala Lumpur today.

"A new chapter has been opened since. Now its image and identity are no longer one of a political wing that is heavy on rhetoric. Umno Youth now stands as an organisation that is creative and proactive in solving the problems and issues of the younger generation."

In the speech themed ‘Leading our generation to transformation’, Khairy cited the BN Youth Lab, ‘My First Home’ scheme and the BN Job Fair as examples of proactive measures.

NONEThe wing has also helped in a project that saw more than 550 houses being repaired.

He said almost all the transformation measures by the government - including the proposed repeal of the Internal Security Act - are issues on which Umno Youth had spoken out.

At that time, cynical voices had suggested that Umno Youth was “liberal or progressive."

"But today, our bold stance to reflect the actual wishes of the young people has been vindicated by the transformation put in place by our president himself.

“We do not act in blind faith as our cause is in line with the desires of the younger generation.”

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