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Monday, November 28, 2011

Peaceful rights for businessmen, the rest of you lot can wait 40 days

Peaceful Assembly (Keeping Bosses at Peace) Bill

» Here, read the Bill for yourself and see what it says

Malaysia’s stupid Peaceful Assembly Bill, sanctioned by a business-friendly bozo of an Attorney-General, says you must give 30 days’ notice to the police if you want to organise a protest or a demonstration. Now the government says they’ll change it to 10 days (in Burma you only need five days).

After the policeman gets your notice, he will go and ask the people at the venue if they object. (This is a good time for businessmen to show their appreciation of law and order, sympathise with the hard work of the police, and make generous contributions to the welfare fund).

The bozo Attorney-General who sanctioned robbing your rights

Then the policeman will tell you what he’s decided. If he says say no (well, what do you think he will do after generous contributions to the welfare fund?) then you have six days to appeal.

You must appeal to the minister. He has six days to reply. Plenty of time to make an appointment for a meeting between the businessman and the business-friendly minister and discuss, oh let’s just say, share options, new public listings, bumiputra shareholdings, holiday options overseas, or perhaps generous contributions to the welfare fund.

And after the minister’s six days — or 40 days from the time you got angry (old proposal) or 20 days from the time you got angry (new proposal) — you will know whether your protest or assembly or demonstration or gathering or event will go ahead.

Are you still angry?

An unsponsored message about the Greater Transformation Programme and slave drivers of a business-friendly government. It’s always all about their money.

- uppercaise

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