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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Najib hints general election is near

Najib hints general election is near

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants Umno members to be “in the final stage of preparedness” for the general election, saying the first azan or call for it has already been made.

The Umno president, who stressed that he did not believe in announcing the election based on numbers and theories, said he wanted everyone to ensure the party and Barisan Nasional won.

In addressing the 5,000 delegates at a closed-door briefing, Najib made the analogy using the first azan or call to prayer as an indication that the election is near.

During Friday prayers, the azan is a signal for the congregation to get ready to perform their religious duty.

Najib also criticised some division heads for being comfortable in their position although Umno failed to win in their states.

“This is because they still receive financial allocation from the Government. What they don’t realise is if Umno is not in power (in the federal government), they will not get the money,” he added.

A delegate, who declined to be named, said the president stressed on the importance of Umno winning all seats, including parliamentary seats.

Citing an example of the seriousness to do well, Najib said many party officials were not present at the briefing as they were asked to be in Parliament.

“They have to be in Parliament because we need to ensure the Peaceful Assembly Bill is passed. If we have a comfortable majority in Parliament, they could be with us in this session,” he quoted Najib as saying.

He said Najib also made it a point to mention his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s name several times throughout the briefing.

“Najib clearly said that he would consult his deputy on the issue of candidacy and the party’s future direction.

“I think the president wants Umno members to know that he is close to Muhyiddin. I think he wanted to clear the air and stop any talk of a rift between them,” the delegate said.


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