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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Delegate wants more projects for Wanita

A young delegate from Umno Wanita today openly urged the government to allocate projects to members of the wing.

Representing Penang Umno Wanita to debate economic resolution during the wing’s annual general assembly this afternoon, Ekafarlina Saparuddin, 24, complained that most of the government projects have gone to the men.

NONEAccording to her, projects given to government-linked companies were eventually passed to foreign workers.

“If is like this, why not give them to the women in this hall to be distributed among us?”

As a result of preference to the men, she said, members of Wanita are severely marginalised in term of economic development although they are the most hard-working members during elections.

“If a woman starts a business to sell fried bananas, even until she finishes her term as Wanita chief, she will still be selling fried bananas.

“But if we look at the men, when they become division chief, they will drive a luxurious car and open many branches, even their belly will become big,” she said to a round of laughter.

“I believe the government can give opportunities and money to Wanita to develop their economic status.”

Among other proposals, she said, is to give the laundry of all three public hospitals in Penang to Wanita members, who in turn can hire single mothers to do the job.

Besides government projects, Ekafarlina also demanded that the directorships in GLCs be allocated for the women.

To ensure women’s participation in the corporate world, she suggested that the government establish a special unit under the Prime Minister’s Department to assist female entrepreneurs.

“We are not asking for mountains or oceans but only small hills. The problem is we can’t even get small hills!” she added.

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