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Monday, November 28, 2011

Right To Protest - requires no permission of police or need for notification...

Let us not change our position by saying that the present law is alright & all we need is for this new draconian Bill be withdrawn. Some have even complained that the new Bill notification to police period is TOO LONG - remember that our position is that we do not need to get permission from anyone, including the police, to exercise the right to Freedom of Assembly.

Remember also that our call has been for the repeal of the Police Act and other absurd provisions in law that make the gathering of 3 (or 5 persons) or more an 'illegal' assembly if police permits were not obtained.

Hence, our call is not just for the withdrawal of the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 - but for the repeal of all laws that restricts and impedes the true exercise of our human right to protest, street protest, peaceful assembly .... Be careful not to take the position that withdraw PA 2011 Bill and all is OK - for it is not.

- Charles Hector

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