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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now, Uncle Sam must answer this

Ahaaaa.... The answer to my earlier posting 'I'd have slapped him...!' received a quick and tangible answer from someone who knows what actually took place in between Tan Sri Isa Samad and this 'Uncle' Sam (picture) personal tussle.

Fellow-blogger Big Dog who has been writing about FGVH listing and spending his precious time with Isa, has got this to tell (read the red bold part, especially:

"Jai, I was there in the crowd when Tan Sri Isa Samad said this in the last of the five road show series where he, FELDA DG Dato' Dzulkifli A Wahab and FHB/FGV CEO Dato' Seri Sabri Ahmad met representatives of the FELDA settlers, on the FGVH listing.

"Background; FGVH listing is Prime Minister Dato' Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak's agenda and baby for FELDA. He announced this in his 2012 Budget Speech, 7 Oct. As part of the listing program his office wrote to FELDA for Isa to be appointed Chairman of Koperasi Permodalan FELDA on 15 August. Lembaga FELDA which met on 25 August, made a decision based on the explicit instruction.

"It means that FELDA DG Dato' Dzukilfli A Wahab needed to relieve himself from the FELDA Chairmanship immediately.

"It was an in-depth briefing and there were Q&As where Isa took all the Qs and offered answers, all the five briefings. Same roadshow, same presentation in Kuantan 26/10, K Terengganu 27/10, Melaka 29/10, Trolak 31/10 and K Pilah 12/11.

"The purpose is for the settlers to understand and buy-in the proposal that Koperasi Permodalan FELDA be used as the vehicle for the post listing ownership. Straight forward and across the board.

"Even this Shamsuddin "Pak Sam" Osman was on stage with the trio in the roadshow in Melaka on 29 Oct, for settlers in Melaka/Johor region. He said he was agreeable and fully supportive of the program.

"TV3 went on to interview Pak Sam at his home and he said the same thing; fully supportive. However, he organized separate briefings for FELDA settlers around Johor, to reject the proposal!

"The following is what Isa Samad said verbatim when asked during Q&A in Kuala Pilah on 12 November:

"Kita tengok, ada gak lepas kita terang, balik dia buat perjumpaan lak. Katalah Pak Sam, says dapat laporan (saya blum jumpa dia ni!), kita jumpa kat Melaka, terang(kan) dalam board (BOD). buat perjumpaan lagi! Masih lagi tak paham. Kalau budak budak, saya lempang aja! Ini dia dah tua, tak elok. Kita tak nak macam ini, tak elok. Dia kata, "Terpaksa buat statement kat TV". Apa macam dia cakap macam itu? Perbetulkan! Benda ni (cakap sini lain, kat kg cakap lain) tak elok. Kita dah tua tua ni. Tak usah la membohong. Itu semua tak elok. Saya tak nak Tuan Tuan macam tu, kat sini beriya iya. Balik, cerita lain. Jangan kita jadi nilai nilai munafik la, dak? Tak elok!".

"Isa was saying that this 'Flip-Flop' business and back-stabbing is no good and is damaging. Had it was youngsters, he would deal with it in the crude manner.

"I think some people are really sensationalizing this for some sinister purpose which include to derail the listing of FGVH. And top of the agenda is to discredit Isa. Why? Someone had to vacate his FELDA KPF Chairmanship, for PM's choice which is Isa.

"Read The Mole, Rocky's and my posting. On top of his Staff 3 civil servant pay, the FELDA DG also have been enjoying RM 700k p.a. extra income sitting in 34 different Kumpulan FELDA companies BOD. This is not taking into consideration other perks.

"All of these will be gone when he is no longer KPF Chairman.

"Back to the issue: Isa is right. Pak Sam was briefed about this several times, even at board level. He had all the opportunities to set things right. In all these meetings, he did not oppose.

"So how do you deal with persons like this?

"They back-stab you, for some sinister agenda. Then they sensationalize the matter, as if Isa is a really bad fellow.

"I ask you personally; wouldn't you want to slap for back-stabbing two-faced person like this, if it happened to you?"

November 29, 2011 1:30 AM

PS: Thank you, Big Dog bro

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