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Friday, March 30, 2012

BN must pick right man for Kedah

Kedah BN has lost the chance to exploit the crisis in the state. It must now pick a credible leader to win back the voters' trust.
PETALING JAYA: Kedah Barisan Nasional (BN) has lost a chance to shake the PAS-led Pakatan Rakyat state government when it did not “exploit” the recent crisis in the state administration.
Political observers said the internal conflict in Kedah PAS had split the party and made it “vulnerable” to outside attacks but BN did not seize the opportunity, thus making it difficult for BN to retake the state.
Kedah PAS, say some political observers, is being manipulated by two main players keen to helm the state administration and also by “outside forces”.
They said Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak, who is from the old school of thoughts, is aligned to party president Abdul Hadi Awang. He is seen as the leader of the “fundamentalists” and is fighting hard against attempts from the liberals to take over the state administration.
Azizan’s “foes from within” – Kedah PAS deputy commissioner (I) Phahrolrazi Zawawi and Kedah PAS deputy commissioner (II) Ismail Salleh – are aligned to the liberals and they striving to push Azizan out.
Words have it that the main reason for the attempted “mutiny” against Azizan is to find a place for party deputy president Mohamed Sabu to contest in the upcoming general election.
Mohamed Sabu or Mat Sabu, as he is popularly known, is said to be seeking for a seat in Kedah as he is not wanted in Kelantan, where he once stood as MP and won.
The crisis, though resolved, is still a pain in the neck for PAS as Azizan is said to be still sticking to his decision not to entertain or recognise Phahrolrazi and Ismail as followers in the state administration.
Credible leader
So the split in PAS still exists but BN has failed to exploit it to enhance its chances of diluting PAS influence among the fence-sitters in the state.
A political analyst, Ramli Mohd Yunus, said another BN weakness in the state was its failure to appoint a credible leader to lead Kedah as menteri besar if it comes back to power.
“Apologising [to the people for BN's mistakes in the past] is one thing but the main thrust is to win back the hearts and minds of the voters, particularly Malays. This can be achieved if BN has picked a credible, MB-material leader who will helm the state if the coalition wins.
“Kedah Malays, including the Chinese who have blended well with the Malay culture, know past and present BN and Umno leaders in the state very well.
“They want to hear and see from the prime minister himself who he picks to lead the state. The way I see it, if Najib picks the wrong man, the votes will go to the other side.
“If Najib picks the man they respect and know, then the votes will go to BN.
“So it’s the man who will lead the state as menteri besar that matters now, not issues,” he said.
Even BN leaders in Kuala Lumpur share the same views. Words have it that Mukhriz Mahathir is the man who could gain the voters’ confidence.
Matter of personality
Ramli said that he too has heard from the grassroots members in the state and also from some Chinese voters that Mukhriz is the man best suited to take over should PAS fall.
“Kedah Malays and even some Chinese still hold Dr Mahathir Mohamad in high regard and obviously they also respect his son Muhkriz.
“What they told me is that Muhkriz is a new man and even though he is na├»ve in politics, he has the charisma to lead the state. Moreover, he is clean.
“But BN must also not ignore Dr Mahathir in its campaign because from what I gathered from the grassroots members, his presence may bring Kedah back to BN,” Ramli said.
However, there are some local leaders in Kedah who would not take too kindly to Mukhriz’s elevation if Najib decides to tap his shoulder. But Ramli believes the resentment was normal and would fade in time.
“The important point here is that Kedah BN needs a charismatic leader, a new man who has no record whatsoever. In this case, if it’s Mukhriz, it will be easier to win the hearts and minds of the voters because they still respect his father,” Ramli said.
“So in my opinion half the battle will be won if Najib picks Mukhriz,” he added.
Thus, the battle for BN in Kedah is a matter of personality – the man who will lead the state after the general election. It all depends on Najib who he wants in the driver’s seat.
After all, BN Kedah needs just four more seats to win the state. BN now has 16 out of the 36 state seats (Umno has 14, MCA one and Gerakan one).

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