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Friday, March 30, 2012

Grilling Lembu Condo

Well what do you know? We were shopping at TMC in Bangsar on Wednesday and we spotted these beef steaks nicely wrapped and ready for sale. The label on the beef steaks looked different from what we had seen before.

I saw the label said 'Gemas Gold'. Then upon closer inspection the sticker said, 'A proud product of National Feedlot Corporation'. Here is a picture.

This is so typical of that family. Instead of saying "A proud product.." why not try 'A quality product of the National Feedlot Corporation'? You are selling a food product, not your pride.

It is better to guarantee the high quality of your product. Your pride is what got you into the stink in the first place.

Having said that the meat was of good quality. Very lean, with not much 'marbling' (fat content). Marbling means the white streaks of fat running across the meat (like the white streaks on the marble table top in our kitchen which you can see in the picture). However a good steak cut should have some marbling - it makes the steak juicier when it is cooked.

The next picture shows the steaks in the oven. You can oven grill steaks provided you keep an eye on the timer and the temperature. 8 - 12 minutes at 140 degrees Celsius should give you a nice medium rare. Soft and juicy. Here are the lembu condo steaks being grilled in the oven - by Chef OutSyed The Box.

For these steaks the marinade I used was very little olive oil, crushed black pepper, a wee bit of butter (for more flavor) and plenty of salt, all applied on the top side only of each steak. There was no flipping or turning over the steaks because the heat was from both above and below.

Served with a really nice salad, cold pasta and a potato - mushroom dish which the Mrs cooked up in a jiffy, it was a nice dinner for five.

I think the NFC should just stick to producing good quality beef. And their price was very competitive too. Six steaks (ok size lah, could be a little thicker though) cost just over RM30.00 only. A single steak dinner at Chilis will cost not less than RM50.00.

Congrats to the NFC for putting out a good beef product on the market. However I dont think they needed RM250 million to make this happen. They can just return the rest of the money back to the Gomen.

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