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Friday, March 30, 2012

Hasan sad 'Christianisation' dropped from forum title

Former Selangor executive council member Hasan Ali is sad that the organiser of a forum in Johor removed the word "Christianisation" from the forum title after pressure from opposition politicians and the public.

"I am saddened that the organiser dropped the word Christianisation from the original title of the forum on the urging of irresponsible parties, who seem content that society should disregard the matter.

"To me, the threat of Christianisation is a clear and present danger which should not be hidden," the sacked PAS member, who now heads pro-Malay and Islam NGO Jati, said in a statement today.

NONEHasan lashed out at parties he claimed were responsible for downplaying the Christian threat and pressuring the organisers to change their forum title, focussing on the Islamic party in which he was once a member.
The former exco member was commenting on the recent move by the organisers of tomorrow’s upcoming Johor Education Department forum to drop the controversial word ‘Christianisation’ from its title, after news of the matter made national headlines and attracted brickbats
Hasan, who has in recent months been spearheading a campaign against what he claims is the rampant proselytising of Muslims by Christians, said he viewed such interference seriously.
Hasan to reveal proselytising video on Monday

“I am very puzzled that PAS leaders themselves, in particular one of its vice-presidents, can say that is it just a political gimmick.
“I do not know why the parties are sweeping aside earnest efforts like this and trying to portray that the threat to the Muslim faith is not real,” lamented the former Selangor PAS commissioner.

Hasan said he himself had experienced the same issue highlighted by the forum, repeating his claim of the “threat” of Christian proselytising in Selangor, which he described as “alarming”.

He reiterated that he would prove this by revealing a video recording of such cases that took place in Selangor at a press conference on Monday.

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