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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ridiculously simple answer to complex problem won't do

YOURSAY 'In their desperation to cling on to power, they just doesn't realise the terrible long-term consequences of their actions.'

Nazri waves off foreigners, dubious voters worries

your sayBill Chin: Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, we invite you come to Sabah and check for yourself how many foreigners have got MyKad.

Nearly every foreigner has a MyKad and the right to vote. Sabah is now the foreigners' best choice to apply for MyKad.

Moontime: Giving a ridiculously simple answer to a complex problem is a trademark among Umno politicians. In their desperation to cling on to power, they just don't realise the terrible long-term consequences of their actions.

Foreigners possessing MyKads are growing by the number every day, judging from reports made by concerned bloggers, retired police officers and concerned citizens.

Either Nazri is blind to this fact or chooses to ignore the truth. The only solution now is to vote them out before they do even more damage to our nation.

Wira: Nazri, the point is anyone with a MyKad can vote if he is registered. Umno gave easy registration to hundreds of thousands of new MyKad owners just to ensure their survival, to the detriment of the country. You are mischievous not to address this point.

Free And Fair Election: Everyone is worried about dubious voters except for our (unpopular) government. Not one foreigner can get an identification card unless the government issues it to them.

Tell me Nazri, what were the police and EC (Election Commission) doing protecting the busload of people at Bangi some time back when PAS members discovered the scam?

What course were they taking that was so secretive that it had to be done is a remote area? Then why are there so many foreigners in East Malaysia? Care to explain?

Onyourtoes: Don't act blur, okay? What if those not qualified are given blue ICs? You have thousands, if not millions, in Sabah and increasingly more in Peninsula Malaysia.

Then what about double registration or fraudulent registration - same ICs but registered in different constituencies.

They still can produce their ICs to vote in different places on the same day. What about shifting known supporters from one constituency to a marginal constituency?

What about postal and advanced voting? It is always the military and the police personnel. Why?

Why are these people so special? Are you saying nurses, doctors, bus and taxi drivers do not have to work on polling day?

Are there some foreign enemies going to attack us on the polling day or what? How many percent of the police personnel are on active duty on that day?
Fears of phantom voters and fraud in GE

Kairos: The use of indelible ink would circumvent a person voting several times using different addresses. So they can put in as many fictitious names and addresses as they want, but once someone has voted, that's it.

Therefore, the use of the indelible ink is crucial to the curbing of fraudulent practices during the election.

But several issues still remain unresolved that are critical to a fair and just election. One issue is the use of postal votes of the armed forces and police to shore up candidates who have actually lost by a small margin. This is grossly unfair.

The other issue involves the security of the ballot boxes and the monitoring of the counting of votes at the polling stations. At all cost, we must not allow any cheating in the next GE.

James1067: Desperation is in the air just to win the elections, even the fear of God is thrown out of the window.

The electoral roll must be cleaned before the elections so that the people can decide for themselves who they want as future leaders.

This problem happens on a daily scale, it's either the computer system that must be changed or it's being done on purpose.

Whatever the reason, the EC must be neutral in making decisions and correct the mistakes. Don't test the people's patience until they have to come forward for another rally

Jedi_Who: EC is pretending to be blur and stupid. The commission fired staff for registering voters twice. Come on!

In today's age of IT, we can easily place primary keys on important column fields so that this error will not happen.

Secondly, we can set queries and logic scripts that will check similarities of row data with similar or near similar field columns that might exist.

Finally, we can run scripts to check the EC roll to common reference databases.
Only one production database is allowed normally and the excuse of databases not updated is ridiculous. It will take the EC less than two weeks to have election rolls as clean as a whistle.

Looks like the EC and the ruling government are in cahoots and deliberately creating chaos so that they can perpetuate fraud easily without detection.

Dont Just talk: Chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan, Bersih voters are with you all the way. The EC chairperson and his deputy had better step down for the numerous allegations, supported by facts, made against them.

The EC is supposed to be independent but it is better for the name of the commission be changed to EC Umno Sdn Bhd. - Malaysiakini

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