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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Fear of Capitulation

Coming Monday, the six-month PSC on the election practices will come to an end as they will present their final report to the Parliament on findings and recommendations that should be taken and implemented for the next General Election. While it has been established that one of the eight demands - indellible ink would ultimately see the light of the day, the goal of seeing all the eight issues addressed is not likely to happen. In the end, maybe about six would be addressed eventually.

Amendment 26 of the U.S Constitution occured largely of public pressure and student activism. Because of people pressure, there shouldn't be any excuse to lower voting age requirement from the present 21 to 18 below. Could it be because of some people sharing the thinking of Dr. Mahathir who views having UUCA is to have young people focus on studies instead of street-activism work? Any mature thinking parlimentarian in the house on both bridges should see that the time and trend of young people is far in contrast to the trend that was in the 70s. In fact, there thinkers who view Malaysia administering ways still stuck with the mindset of the 80s, particularly with there is a handful number of old men still running the country until today.

No doubt that until today, it's very unlikely that we would see fairer MSM media coverage or level playing field in elections even after the final report has been presented. There are a few things that explain it. First is likely the possible red tape that is likely to be encountered along the way - a legit excuse to say that it can't be implemented. Secondly, the final decision lies on the Election Commission (note that some have been cautioned of the agency being the unofficial component party of BN).

The third reason and the main point of discussion is the fear of capitulation.

The fear of capitulation exemplified is the Provisional IRA - the more violent faction of Irish Republican Army prominence during The Troubles at around late 1969 up to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. At that time the Provisional IRA's sole goal is to remove Northern Ireland from London's control by force and political persuasion, contrary to the older faction's ideology and way of dealing with the nationalist community. Anytime within that period there will be countless of bombings and shootings with many civilians caught in the crossfire. Whenever there are events such as this happening or if you see any "No Surrender" banners around, it underlines their fear and dementia of capitulation.

The last well known documented attack before the ceasefire agreement was the 1996 Manchester bombings.

A loss or defeat to them by the English means handing Ireland in a platter to Britain.

This in Malaysian context means that BN owns Malaysia for life and if PR wins, BN hands Malaysia to PR (perceived as the enemy) in a platter. End of story.

Along the way, when people start to think and say something cock, e.g Chua Soi Lek's comment of Opposition raising issues to confuse people, they are actually scoring own goals into their own net. In that point above, MCA is scoring own goals in BN's net. Ditto for PR as well. The excerpt from"Aiyah! Why so Stupid One Ah" shows:

Aiyah! Why is the MCA President, Chua Soi Lek, so bodoh one ah? The Opposition has created endless issues to confuse the people, said Chua Soi Lek. But of course! That is the job of the Opposition. Why would the Opposition want to raise issues in support of the government? Their job is to raise issues against the government. What a stupid statement. No wonder he got caught with his pants down, literally.

And to make him even more bodoh, he held a press conference to confess that it was he in that sex video. No one asked him whether it was or was not he. Before anyone could ask, he quickly called a press conference to confess. Bodoh or not? At least VK Lingam was cleverer. He said that the man in the video looks like him, sounds like him, but is not he. And Anwar Ibrahim replied that the man in the sex video is too fat while he is thinner so it must be a double. But Chua Soi Lek goes and confesses it is he before anyone even asks him. No wonder he is making bodoh statements like the one reported by The Star.

And the Umno leaders are saying that the Opposition is trying to grab power, the Opposition is trying to kick out Barisan Nasional, the Opposition is trying to take over Putrajaya, and whatnot. Is this not what the Opposition is supposed to do, to take over the government? Why are these Umno people so bodoh one? Why state the obvious? Of course that is what the Opposition is trying to do. That is the job of Opposition parties all over the world.

Aiyah! Why so bodoh one ah? Can we hear more intelligent statements from these Barisan Nasional people? If they want to impress us then they had better stop making stupid statements.

And the Opposition is no better. They are now saying that the next general election is going to be a class war.

Aiyah! Why so bodoh one ah? That is what I have been saying for some time. When I say that they whack me and call me all sorts of names. I already said for some time that the next battle is going to be a class war. I said it is going to be a battle between the haves and the haves-not. When I said that you say all sorts of things about me. Now the Opposition is saying the same thing.

On the media issue, as to answer why is BN-owned media unwilling to allow some opposition side content into their own? Simple: in their logic they think that if the public is hearing anything that hurts (in means of inflicting their own defeats) them, the people will start coming in masses of asking all sorts of things, thus they start to lose control and handling of the people. But on the other hand, they, like the Provisional IRA wants to whack Britain kingdom come that almost every night on TV news that whack Opposition leader parties and no space is given for people like Mat Sabu to answer their thing. Child's play don't you think?

Even if should PR takes over the Federal government, the efforts to allow fairer media, even if promised would still be limited no matter how much relaxing of control and better press freedom they would give. Assuming that there is allowance for government-owned TV channels and radio, it is the BN-owned media companies that are unwilling to capitulate. There's no need to whine if we happen to see Utusan or TV3 taking remarks from politicians who lost that say "Malays lose power" or "Malaysia is destabilizing": it's already expected from someone who holds power that long for almost 55 years. 

But by nature and time, these attacks would eventually result in nothing that in the end, the IRA had to accept Northern Ireland being part of the UK and the Good Friday agreement details because people are already sick with the senseless and brute way of achieving their goals. See how this relates to our national political scenario right now?

Both coalitions BN and PR have the same problem where organization comes ahead of causes. In the US, even certain politicians have the right to disagree with the party's direction if the party's direction is heading against the cause. It's okay there but in Malaysia it is a long way to go to change the way a party's workflow / mechanism.

The reason for this is simple enough to analyse. Most people put their loyalty to the organisation or to their leader as paramount and above the cause. When movements or leaders override the cause then that is what happens. Muslims forget that they are brothers-of-the-faith and unite under the banner of a movement or a leader. Hence Islam saw three major civil wars that divided the Muslims forever

Some of these people have foam in the mouth talk in things that don't really make up the logic whenthey put loyalty to an organization 

I may not the only one who may have the same observation as others do that we see people from both sides of the political divide keep being a butter up boys to the big brother party. A friend of mine pointed out that eventually, lower hierarchy people tend to be like salt that will ultimately be rinsed out of the washing of a plant / vegetable.

On the other hand, seeing how more people from BN makes stupid remarks, for example of the country pluging if they are not in power, I just love to sit back and laugh all the way while they score own goals and do the antics of Pak Pandir..

- A Little Taffer's Room

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