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Saturday, March 31, 2012

earth calling Najib, come in please....over !

I have had close-up conversations photo-shoots with Tok Guru and Hadi, and never felt threatened by their responses regarding Islamic religious views and unity. In fact the PAS tag-line "PAS For All" is and definitely more sincere and a safer bet compared to this 2-faced evil within us known as UMNO ! (read here ) And you were foolish enough to have thought all this while that PAS was the threat to your religious views and freedom !

But then again you are but a mere mortal who'll swallow any crap that came out of the msm, right ? Everything you read or heard about PAS in your daily newspapers and the television for decades were just plain and systematic BN propaganda ala"Goebbels" demonising an opposition party that was founded on Islamic principles. Is there anything wrong with that ?

And that
 "Islamic" party still went ahead with non-Islamic parties to form a coalition to challenge the BN. Call it a "marriage of convenience " or whatever you like, but we the thinking rakyat have no fear of the Opposition together with the PR coming to power in Putrajaya. PAS has never once said they will turn Muslims against Christians or Chinese or Hindus nor have they ever said that they will rule this country as an Islamic country save for a few over zealous bigots within who have been dealt with severely or even sacked.

For those how have now conveniently forgotten, let me remind you, it was that grand-master of corruption and racism, and now irrelevant Tun Mahathir, who went on national and global tv to announce that Malaysia WAS indeed an Islamic country and not a secular one...remember ?

And Najib's 1Malaysia unity call sinks even lower into the depths of our social cesspool while he's holding his elegant silence without comments regarding this much talked about 
"Christian threat" controversy in Johor. And nothing is left for guessing who the real bigots are in this here country of ours. And you still want to vote them into power the next time your elect your government ?

This is only a religious issue that affects you and me so don't let me start on other forms of mega crony corruption, police brutality, governmental irregularities, mat rempits, thuggish ministers, UMNO arrogance, Lynas and racist issues in Malaysia yet. I'd welcome PAS anytime to run my country but of course with the blessing of the PR coalition !

Have a "thinking" weekend folks !

p.s. have you checked your voter and voting station registration info recently ? Or are you very certain nothing has changed since and if you had, last voted ? Are you even registered as a voter yet but you are above age 21 now and not excerising your constitutional responsibility, ? You still have until 5.30pm TODAY to register. So hurry now to the nearest Post Office, you moron, you !
Otherwise save your family's future and your country and be a responsible citizen.
So for God's sake....click here again please and double-check ! 

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