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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, March 31, 2012

MACC has thrown down the gauntlet at AG

YOURSAY 'Either MACC investigators are so incompetent as to habitually conclude their investigations with insufficient evidence or the AG is...'

MACC accuses DPPs of refusing to charge cases

your sayRestless_Native: Finally, we get a tiny glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes between the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and the Attorney-General's Chambers. So, the MACC proposes and the AG disposes?

The MACC has thrown down the gauntlet. Some sign of hope perchance? Now we will watch the AG's (attorney-general's) response.

While I am not doing bunny hops yet with the brave and righteous police officers offering to testify at a tribunal and with the MACC speaking up (for once), I will hold out for some hope of change.

That's the trouble with lies. Every time you lie, it takes several more to support the first. Pretty soon, the weight of all those lies (inconsistencies) will crumple this BN house of cards.

ONG: If what MACC deputy commissioner Mohd Shukri Abdull said about AG refusing to file all those charges is true, then there can be one of two possibilities.

Either MACC investigators are so incompetent as to habitually conclude their investigations with insufficient evidence, or the AG has been bought over by the subjects of the MACC investigations.

In the latter scenario, the MACC should then open up an investigation on the AG himself.

Heaven forbid, but there is also an even more cynical, though unlikely, third possibility in which MACC and AG are in collusion.

MACC deliberately carries out their investigations in an incompetent manner to give AG the excuse not to proceed with a prosecution.

Similar three-party collusion among judge, prosecutor and defence lawyer is known to happen in justice systems throughout the world.

Anonymous: The appointments of the attorney-general, auditor-general, chief justice and the senior-most positions in the police force and the MACC should not involve the PM's office at all.

An independent committee under the jurisdiction of the Parliament should oversee these appointments and appropriate recommendations made to the king for the final decision.

Separation of powers can never be achieved as long as the PM, and for that matter any of his ministers, are involved - directly or indirectly - in these appointments.
Malaysia would have achieved the developed nation status 10 or 20 years ago. The biggest obstacle to achieving Vision 2020 will be corruption, nothing else.

Rest assured that the BN government will lead itself to its ultimate demise with its obvious lack of strength and courage to act against corrupt officials, especially those high-ranking officials alleged to be involved in serious wrongdoing.

Ambrose Marcel: You believe this ‘wayang kulit' (shadow play)? Later the AG will say, "How to charge when there is not enough evidence. The MACC should do a better job than this."

Kairos: To think that the PM actually said that the MACC will only be given more power should BN be given a two-thirds majority.

Why should fighting and eliminating corruption be made a bargaining chip to entice the rakyat to vote for BN?

Does Najib Razak mean to say that should BN not have the two-thirds majority, then corruption can be rife in the country for all he cares? What kind of a PM is that? For a PM who is sincere, fighting corruption should be a non-negotiable.

And for the deputy chief of MACC to boldly reveal what he did about the unwillingness of the AG to prosecute valid cases is very damning to the integrity of the government in dealing with corruption.

Ksn: Shukri, please list the cases you had investigated and sent to the AG. The MACC will not send the investigation papers to the AG if there are no grounds for prosecution, right, Shukri?

Let the public know which cases you sent to the AG and he refused prosecution. Your last quote in this Malaysiakini report - that you need evidence and not sentiments for prosecution - gives you and the MACC away.

Sarajun Hoda: Playing football again? If the DPPs (deputy public prosecutors) don't charge, MACC should issue a press statements saying they investigated the cases and handed over to them.

Then everyone will know the ball stopped at AG's feet.

Pemerhati: Just one example will prove that Shukri is talking nonsense. There is a ton of evidence in the public domain on highly corrupt top BN politicians in Sarawak but MACC dares not do anything to bring these crooks to justice.

Onyourtoes: Maybe MACC only know how to do a lousy investigation job and that is why AG was not able to prosecute.

Maybe MACC only know how to investigate corruption amounting to less than RM2,400, and that is why so many are getting away scot-free. Talk is cheap.

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